Nowadays, modern businesses utilize various strategies to employ the most suitable candidates for their respective companies. Everyone wants productive and talented employees but such employees won’t settle for just anything so companies have to get creative with their hiring process. 

That being said, some companies even refer to background check reviews so that they can thoroughly examine each candidate before determining if they are, in fact, a good fit for the company culture. But in order to attract potential hires, companies must first showcase their job openings in the best way possible. 

Otherwise, no one will be interested in applying for the job. After all, talented employees want specific benefits and they won’t work for a company that doesn’t share the same values as them. 

This encouraged recruiters to come up with different employment strategies that will get them the talent they need without risking any potential turnovers down the line. So with that in mind, let’s have a look at a few different strategies employers use to recruit efficient, productive and talented employees for their companies. 

Recruitment marketing strategies

Recruitment marketing is a strategy that focuses on attracting and engaging potential job candidates. It’s just like regular marketing only instead of promoting products or services, companies are promoting themselves and their job openings in a way that will be most appealing to potential hires. 

That doesn’t just include posting job openings on recruitment boards but also involves marketing campaigns that consist of content, job benefits, competitive salaries and other perks potential employees might be interested in. The purpose of the is endeavor is to show hires what kind of company and culture you have in order to encourage potential employees to apply. 

Of course, even with recruitment marketing, companies have specific target audiences that consist of qualified and talented employees that want to work for them. As mentioned before, talented employees are like professional athletes. If you want them on your team, you’d have to give them an offer they cannot refuse, provided they like your company enough to consider working there, in the first place. 

That’s why recruitment marketing campaigns often include content, videos, employee testimonials, special offers and other promotions that highlight the best one company has to offer. More often than not, multiple job offerings will be promoted in the same campaign so that companies can get as many cultural fits as they can in one go.  

Leveraging onboarding for new employees

Attracting new hires is easy enough if you have a great recruitment marketing strategy in place. However, once job applications start coming in, it’s up to recruiters to determine who is the right fit and who isn’t. That includes background check, interviews, follow ups and so on. Some applicants will get recruited right away while others will be given a chance to prove themselves via trial period. At the end of the day, the people you’ve hired need to be retained so you don’t end up with a high turnover rate. 

This is where onboarding comes into place. Onboarding is an important part of the employee experience, and it can be leveraged to ensure that new hires feel welcomed and supported in their new roles. Companies use onboarding to help new hires adjust and settle in, as well as ensure that new employees have everything they need to reach their full potential. That said, around 69% of new hires are likely to stay with the company for three or more years if they like the onboarding process. 

The problem is that very few companies extend this process for more than a month even though 22% of employee turnovers often happen withing the first 45 days. Therefore, recruiting hires is just one part of a bigger picture. The other part is ensuring that new hires like your company and feel welcomed enough to remain working there. That’s also why it’s of vital importance to create an effective onboarding process that will guarantee employee retention. 

Utilizing social media for talent acquisition

Social media is a powerful tool for talent acquisition and it’s no secret that many companies use these platforms to fish for potential hires. Recruiters are basically scouting various potential hires and running a background check on them to see what they’re like. If a recruiter senses potential, they will reach out to the hire with offers in order to get them interested. 

LinkedIn, for example, is the one of the best social media networks for this kind of thing as LinkedIn is business and recruitment oriented much more than other social media networks. Of course, companies also create their own pages on social media in order to promote themselves and their company culture, among other things, of course.

Modern businesses should strive to create a positive work environment and invest in employee development in order to attract and retain the best talent. But the most talented workers aren’t so easily swayed, which is why most companies go above and beyond with their employment strategies and campaigns.