Arizona is growing rapidly, and our state’s infrastructure needs to keep up. Arizona’s fiscally conservative, balanced budget invests a total of $283 million to build Arizona’s infrastructure of the future.

These investments will increase public safety, support commerce and spur economic development, ensuring Arizona will continue to attract more high-paying jobs to our state.

Here are some of the infrastructure investments included in Arizona’s budget:

• Expanding Interstate 17 To Northern Arizona: The budget invests $130 million over three years to accelerate and expand the widening of Interstate 17 from Anthem to Black Canyon City, a critical commerce corridor. This expansion will reduce traffic congestion, especially during peak traffic times, and improve safety on the interstate.

• Preventative Road Resurfacing: The budget prioritizes funding for preventive road surface maintenance with an investment of $10.5 million for a safer, smoother drive. With the additional funding, Arizona will now have $51 million to maximize the life of highways in good condition across our state.

• Adding High-Speed Internet In Rural Arizona: High-speed internet is essential for accelerating economic development, enhancing education, improving public safety, modernizing government services and more. This year’s budget invests $3 million to expand broadband services in underserved rural areas.

• Enhancing Ports Of Entry At The Border: The budget includes $700,000 to build a new cold room inspection facility at the Mariposa Port of Entry in Nogales, Arizona. The cold room will improve the port’s ability to import temperature-sensitive cargo like produce and pharmaceuticals and move more goods through our ports.

• Funding Targeted Priority Infrastructure Projects: In addition to baseline funding for transportation and infrastructure projects, the budget adds $95.3 million for targeted transportation projects to improve safety and spur economic development across the state.

View more details of Arizona’s balanced budget HERE.