Gilbert, Arizona has unveiled its new mission: “Anticipate. Create. Help people.” As Gilbert approaches its 100th birthday in 2020, the new mission statement is focused on keeping the thriving community that Gilbert is today well into the future.

“The people are here, the businesses are coming, we are going to be just fine tomorrow,” said Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels. “It’s the 5-year and the 10-year and the 20-year marks that I want to make sure this community is prepared for. And we can’t do this alone. It’s going to take all of our staff, residents, businesses, schools, and all of our partners to ensure that Gilbert continues to prosper.”

While the community reflects back on the last 100 years, there is still more work to be done to prepare Gilbert for the future. With this new mission, Mayor Jenn Daniels challenges the community to anticipate change, create solutions, and help people and our businesses in a new video just released. Watch and share the video and join us in creating the City of the Future right here in Gilbert, Arizona.

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