Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ) announced a new administrative services solution with the potential of delivering more predictability and affordability for businesses who prefer a self-funded model for their health benefits. 

This new Balanced Funding solution allows qualifying businesses with 15 or more enrolled employees to pay a fixed, monthly amount, which includes the cost of administrative services, stop-loss insurance, and all claims coverage. Real predictability and stability results, as monthly payments remain the same for the year and do not fluctuate based on claims.

“Delivering a Balanced Funding solution to employers is one more example of our commitment to Arizona’s business community,” said Mike Tilton, general manager of commercial business, BCBSAZ. “Healthcare costs can make up 5 percent of a business’s operating budget.1   This solution takes the guesswork out of managing that line item and ultimately gives the business a better sense of stability.”

Advantages of Balanced Funding:

• Easier budgeting. Businesses may qualify for a lower fixed monthly cost than what they are paying today.2

All-inclusive. Monthly payments made by the business cover administrative services, stop-loss insurance, and claims coverage.3

• Potential refunds. Businesses have the ability to earn dollars back if claims are lower than expected.

• No surprises. If annual claims are more than what the business has paid, no additional dollars are owed.

• Enhanced transparency. Monthly reports allow businesses to track healthcare trends and costs throughout the year.

Components of Balanced Funding make it a viable solution for businesses that have employees who are engaged in their healthcare and use their plan in a cost efficient and effective manner. Interested businesses can learn more about these plans through their health insurance broker or at