Orthopedic surgeons are by nature a competitive lot, but in what is considered to be one of the largest co-management agreements in the nation, 90 of the Valley’s top orthopedic specialists are working collaboratively in the name of care enhancement and cost improvements. Ortho CM, LLC, brings together physicians representing 26 practices Valleywide to standardize best-of-practice care for patients in need of orthopedic or spine surgery. Each physician maintains his or her private practice, but operates under a co-management agreement with HonorHealth.

This cooperative effort is unique in that its affiliates with a hospital system, HonorHealth. Each specialist benefits from the experience and training of everyone in the group, solidifying gold standard practices. Dr. Marc Rosen, MD, Ortho CM founder and Board Chairman, sees this as a collective effort to realize the best possible patient outcomes.

“In a sense, it’s like having the benefit of 90-second opinions,” says Dr. Rosen. “We’re able to put all these perspectives together to come up with the best evidence-based care solutions and then to work with HonorHealth to ensure all the tools are there for us to give care that is state-of-the-art in reality, not just in name.”

According to Mike Piver, associate vice president, HonorHealth Orthopedic Service Line,  “this co-management agreement truly puts the triple aim – enhanced patient experience, improved population health and reduced cost – into practice with the ultimate beneficiaries being the patients who benefit from this ‘brain trust’ of education and experience.”

HonorHealth encompasses both acute care hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. This opportunity to craft a partnership between community surgeons and a hospital system, while not unprecedented, is significant due to the size and depth of the partnership.

“Through this orthopedic co-management agreement, children and adults receive the best possible patient-centered, data-driven orthopedic and spine care,” says Piver. “Our primary focus is on superior outcomes and delivering an exceptional experience.”