Sonora Quest Laboratories has established a new partnership to reduce the burden of rising out-of-pocket medical costs on its patients. The company has teamed up with CarePayment, a leading patient financial engagement company, to offer CarePayment’s easy-to-understand 0.00% APR financing solutions to any patient who uses Sonora Quest Laboratories for their medical testing exceeding $100 through a simple process that requires no application and has no impact on credit score.

“Across Arizona, rising out-of-pocket medical costs are impacting families’ budgets, and ultimately, their health. No one should delay having clinical testing done because they are worried about costs,” said David A. Dexter, chief executive officer at Sonora Quest Laboratories.

Dexter added, “Sonora Quest Laboratories understands the importance of making healthcare services affordable to consumers. We are working with CarePayment to do our part to provide affordable access to much needed laboratory testing. We believe this will help improve testing compliance and lead to better outcomes for patients managing chronic disease or monitoring their overall wellness. The CarePayment partnership offers our patients the financial solutions they need to ensure their health and wellbeing are taken care of.”

Craig Hodges, chief executive officer of CarePayment noted, “Clinical testing is often the first step on the path to proper diagnosis and treatment, providing doctors with critical information about a person’s health. We are pleased to be able offer options that will help people afford the tests they need.”

For more information about CarePayment, our most recent addition to the consumer solutions available through Sonora Quest Laboratories, visit services/carepayment.