Sonora Quest Laboratories, Arizona’s leading provider of diagnostic testing and information services, and BaseHealth, a predictive health analytics company that empowers health systems and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s) to proactively manage rising risk within populations, are collaborating to offer a pioneering analytics platform that identifies unknown risks in patient populations for improved outcomes and presents opportunities for cost savings for healthcare systems across the country. 

The platform uniquely leverages laboratory data in conjunction with insurance claims data, published clinical research and cutting-edge machine learning to prospectively identify population health risks, encourage clinical intervention and uncover risk adjustment (RAF) revenue opportunities. The information provided assists healthcare providers and health plans to proactively diagnose and treat their patients for emerging health conditions, helping to mitigate financial risk and capture the appropriate revenue for the risk they’re bearing. This is the first instance of laboratory data and advanced analytics being leveraged for value-based care management and proactive risk adjustment.

The solution can be especially important for health plans and providers who will start 2019 with new members for whom they have very limited information, allowing them to leverage laboratory data and predictive analytics to jumpstart and optimize care management and risk adjustment programs.

“This partnership will enhance wellness advocacy and help empower advanced healthcare solutions,” said David A. Dexter, president and CEO of Sonora Quest Laboratories. “By utilizing artificial intelligence and predictive RAF analytics, we can assist health plans and Accountable Care Organizations to identify and stratify unknown risk in population health to the specific patient level, to close potential gaps in patient care, and identify opportunities for interventional cost savings.”

The new collaboration is one of the ways that Sonora Quest is expanding their current Actionable Insights Management (AIM™) analytics capabilities, leveraging laboratory data in innovative ways to improve healthcare outcomes in Arizona. While Sonora Quest already utilizes analytics by applying clinical guidelines with laboratory data to determine patients at risk of developing chronic conditions including diabetes and chronic kidney disease, the BaseHealth partnership expands into predicting risk within populations for over 40 chronic conditions. In a recent Case Study for a sample population of 10,000 lives, BaseHealth was able to utilize Sonora Quest’s clinical laboratory data to identify associated risk within the population, discovering both potential risk and interventional opportunities, giving credence to both the AI-powered algorithms and value of the stand-alone laboratory data. 

“By identifying and characterizing risk factors that contribute to the progression of various health conditions, we can maximize revenue for health plans and providers,” said Hossein Fakhrai-Rad, PhD, Founder and President of BaseHealth. “We are excited to partner with Sonora Quest to provide quality care for improved patient outcomes and quality metrics.”

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