During the month of September patients at Dr. J. Philipp’s office can help to make a child’s dream come true while also protecting their own health.

According to the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health, nearly 16,000 children and teens will be diagnosed with cancer this year and nearly 2,000 will die.

In honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. J. Philipp is donating 25 percent from every fluoride treatment to Make-A-Wish Foundation. The non-profit started in Phoenix in 1980 and has granted nearly 5,000 wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

The American Dental Association recommends people receive fluoride treatments every six months. At Dr. Philipp’s Chandler office, patients receive a fluoride varnish treatment for $29. This new procedure involves “painting” the teeth with varnish that stays on for 24 hours – even through eating and drinking.

Benefits include:

  • Cavity prevention thanks to stronger enamel and more resistance to bacteria
  • Staining prevention within the tooth, not the surface
  • Less sensitivity thanks to stronger enamel
  • Plaque and bacteria leave our teeth susceptible to staining, sensitivity and cavities and a prescription strength fluoride varnish helps protect our teeth.