We’ve all heard it before–tech is where the money is at. But just how much more do tech occupations earn? The analysts at Business.org found the top cities for tech salaries across the U.S. in 2020.

In Sierra Vista, Arizona, tech occupations earn 251% more than all other occupations. Making it the No. 4 city in the U.S. for tech salaries.  Yuma was ranked No. 40 on the list. Tucson was ranked No. 43.

For more information, check out the full report: https://www.business.org/business/startup/highest-tech-salaries/

The Highlights:

• In Sierra Vista, tech occupations earn an average salary of $90,780, compared to all other occupations who make an average of $36,160.

• Tech occupations in Sierra Vista have decreased by -16.53% since 2018.

• The average tech salary in Sierra Vista has changed by 4.31% since 2018.

• Nationwide, tech workers make around 52% more than the rest of us.

• Depending on the area, tech wages could be anywhere from 121% to 270% higher than the average wage in their city.