Prominent Valley lawyers merge to form Guidant Law Firm

Law | 16 Dec, 2019 |

Recognizing the synergy among practice areas and approaches to service, five prominent lawyers recently joined forces to form Guidant Law Firm, a multi-disciplinary firm committed to client-first, personalized service across 10 diverse, yet complementary, practice areas.

• Gary Smith focuses on commercial matters, construction, real estate, cannabis and administrative law. He has authored numerous books and two legal treatises on construction law. In addition, he’s a leading voice in Arizona cannabis law, serving as a founder and current president of the Arizona Cannabis Bar Association.

• Sam Saks has experience in commercial and tort litigation, including partnership issues, breach of contract and commercial transactions. He has also negotiated millions in settlements for clients involved in personal injury cases, earning a reputation for pursuing insurance companies for bad faith delay and denials of coverage.

J. Phillip Glasscock has nearly four decades of experience in business transactions, litigation and estate planning. He also offers expertise in company acquisition, sales, distribution, employment and joint venture contracts.

• James Kuzmich focuses on corporate law, intellectual property entertainment law, and business and real property transactions. He has helped business owners navigate transitions and is familiar with the specific needs of professional creatives.

• D. Lamar Hawkins focuses his practice on all phases of commercial and consumer debt and bankruptcy services. He has an extensive understanding of bankruptcy planning, local rules, procedures and tax issues, guiding clients through each step of these processes. He has also assisted in the reorganization of several business entities.

Smith, Saks and Glasscock were previously with Smith Saks in Phoenix, which merged with Tempe-based Kuzmich & Associates to form Smith Saks Kuzmich. The firm recently brought on Hawkins and his well-known bankruptcy and workouts practice, ultimately rebranding under the name Guidant.

“A play on the word ‘guide,’ we believe Guidant is the best representation of our firm moving forward,” said Kuzmich. “We’ve always put our clients first, reliably guiding them through the challenges and successes of life. Now, we’re positioned to assist even more people and companies as a united front.”

Prior to the merger, the attorneys experienced longstanding relationships as business partners, referral partners and opposing counsel. 

“We realized that our mutual respect for one another and shared client philosophies could enhance each practice area with the team’s support. We’re more powerful as a cohesive unit,” said Hawkins.

Locations remain in Phoenix and Tempe. The firm is working on expanding into Nashville in the near future to support the expanding entertainment law practice. 

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