Many would believe that LinkedIn is a platform that can help you find a good job or get in touch with a colleague ect. But This is not the case anymore. LinkedIn is not just a job-hunting and posting platform. It’s a professional social networking platform that can be used widely to promote your business.

LinkedIn Marketing

With more than 722 million users around the world, according to Business Insider, LinkedIn is the most trusted platform for the third year in a row. People find it secure and relevant. LinkedIn marketing strategies differ from other social media platforms because unlike other social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn offers huge opportunities for B2B marketing. You have to focus more on specific communities on LinkedIn rather than masses.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

A LinkedIn marketing strategy helps you to achieve your marketing goals via LinkedIn.

Consider the following steps while making a LinkedIn marketing strategy:

Optimize your company’s page

An optimized Company Page helps to gain increased visibility in search results which ultimately brings more visitors to your page.

Analyze competitors’ strategies

You can track companies and with website visitor identification software so you can check similar strategies to yours and keep an eye on their followers, engagements, and posts.

Promote your posts and company page

A high number of followers is directly related to the credibility of your company. Hence, you should invite your existing customers and collaborators to follow your Page.

Plan your objectives

Your objectives will ultimately form your LinkedIn marketing strategy. You have to figure out what you want and then make a strategy about how you will achieve your goal.

Identify your target audience

LinkedIn enables you to speak directly to your target audience. You can narrow your focus to professionals with website visitor tracking to your desired skill set and keep tabs on leads and customers.

Create a comprehensive company profile

According to LinkedIn, completed pages receive 30% more views. You can fill up your business profile by mentioning projects you’re working on, customer feedbacks, awards and achievements, trends and analysis, information about your employees, and making announcements.

Post and create relevant content

Posting relevant and consistent content not only helps you to engage with the audience but also helps it to be indexed by Google, improving your search engine rankings.

Design a content calendar

The quality of your content is crucial in making or breaking your LinkedIn marketing strategy. You should be aware of what your target audiences want to read and design a proper calendar about your content and consistency.

Take advantage of all LinkedIn’s tools

LinkedIn provides many tools for businesses to promote their companies. For example

• LinkedIn stories

• InMail

• Groups

• Showcase Pages

• Premium account

When you share content about your brand on LinkedIn, you might also add links to your website or blog. And by using the LinkedIn search tools, you can be directed to the right and concerned people.

Get your employees involved

Employees should be encouraged to complete their profiles and be active on LinkedIn. You can share stories of your employees on the company pages. It increases the reach and credibility of your company.