Arizona-based China Mist Iced Tea, supplier of premium iced tea for the hotel, restaurant and foodservice industry, has rebranded to create a fun, playful image that will appeal to millennials and lead the way for new consumer-facing efforts. 

“While most brands start out in retail, we started out in the foodservice business which has been successful for many years,” said Co-Founder of China Mist Iced Tea, John Martinson. “But, due to consumer demand we are also focusing on consumer-facing efforts and starting to sell a variety of products at mainstream retailers.”

After a 3-day rebranding session powered by Santy, China Mist Iced Tea created new Vision, Mission and Value statements that helped determine the direction of the brand as they expand their business module from B2B and manufacturing efforts to retail.

China Mist Tea Truck 2The rebranding session provided guidelines for their new look and feel where the new rendition of their logo was created. The inspiration behind this new look was to reflect the passion behind their teas, appeal to a younger audience and be modern, playful and meaningful.

As part of the rebranding efforts the brand has launched the China Mist Tea Truck to service local and regional events creating brand awareness and increasing sales initiatives through product demos. It will serve audiences by providing fresh brewed iced teas samples, introducing new consumers to their product.

We are iced tea specialists and pride ourselves on being forward thinking and creative in the iced tea business,” said Martinson. “The tea truck is one avenue in which we portray innovation in our brand.”

China Mist’s premium whole-leaf teas are 100% orthodox, meaning they’re hand-plucked from the bush then hand-processed from some of the world’s finest tea gardens and estates. For single-serve options, China Mist Iced Tea offers tea bags, sachets, pods and eco-friendly RealCups.

To view the new website and check out the brand revamp or find a retail location near you, please visit the China Mist Iced Tea website.