TransPerfect Logo, Language Translation Services in Phoenix, Ariz.
As a translation company whose mission is to globally disseminate other businesses’ marketing content in any and every language, TransPerfect’s success speaks for itself, especially at its Phoenix-area office.

Business tripled in 2009 — just one year after its Phoenix-location opening — and continued to grow substantially throughout 2010 and 2011, even throughout such an unstable economy over the past few years. The Phoenix office is just one of over 50 offices in four continents.

TransPerfect offers many language and business services, ranging from transcription, voiceovers and dubbing, to legal services; but a majority of its work focuses on language translation, according to Brooke Christian, senior vice president of Global Sales and Marketing.

TransPerfect’s services attract those companies who want to sell and market their products and services overseas — where TransPerfect has experienced the most traction and growth.

“We help [companies] communicate their messages whether it’s their website, constructions for use, its legal contracts — anything that really helps expand their business outside U.S. borders in addition to reaching non-English speaking customers inside the United States as well,” Christian says.

In the Phoenix area, TransPerfect is receiving more business and requests from life science, medical and health care companies, e-learning and training space, hospitality, and an increase in requests specifically from solar energy companies for which Arizona is a hotbed, Christian says.

Phoenix-area clients comprise both small companies and large, Fortune 500 companies in nearly every realm of the business world. Clients include U.S. Airways, P.F. Chang’s, Intel, Honeywell, Charles Schwab and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona.

Although the Valley has experienced a dreary economy that has ended the lifespan of some businesses and slowed down others, TransPerfect was able to determine how to not only maintain a study pulse but also get ahead of the game by focusing on specific aspects of the company that needed to change or strengthen in order to meet the needs of potential clients.

“As the economy turns to other sectors and people began looking for jobs in other places, that helped us in terms of helping business services and identifying targets in other sectors,” Christian says.

Through anticipating business needs and identifying growing sectors, TransPerfect was able to adapt the company and cater its services accordingly, in turn boosting business.

For instance, TransPerfect noticed growth and a more widespread implementation of e-learning and training space – for those companies helping to bring people West for on-site training – within business models; therefore, TransPerfect was proactive and built its practice around it.

“One, we’ve tried to specialize to be the best in breed in particular areas; and secondly, by identifying demands in the marketplace and where the market was headed, we built our business in accordance with that,” Christian says. “We try to be proactive in addition to seeing the reactive needs of the marketplace and get in front of it.”

Headquartered in New York, TransPerfect provides a full range of language services in more than 100 languages to companies worldwide, with more than 4,000 linguists and specialists.

For more information about TransPerfect and whether your company can benefit from its services, visit or call 602-298-6983.

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