The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all sorts of businesses around the globe, from temporary or open-ended shutdowns to operations only under extreme health precautions. Everything might seem to be uncertain, and yes, business conditions will continue to be volatile for quite a while. However, there is one thing you can be sure about: marketing and public relations. You need them now more than ever before. During even the most trying times, prioritizing the right communication tactics rather than completely withdrawing into your shell helps keep your business visible to customers and desired target markets. Trust us, with the market downturn and skepticism everywhere, your businesses’ saving grace is public relations and smart marketing. (You can thank us later.)

Keeps Your Business Top of Mind

Alexis Krisay and Melissa DiGianfilippo are co-founders of Serendipit Consulting, a full-service marketing and PR agency.

The news has been absolutely dominated by COVID-19 updates, so giving viewers a different, positive option to explore will be a welcome change of pace. It also helps your business stay top of mind for the future, once everyone is set free from social distancing, shelter-in-place, and self-quarantine measures.

Customers are flooding the internet and social media with questions on how to beat boredom and pass the time, so hop on the bandwagon! Make sure there’s a fresh supply of interactive videos and interesting content on your website, social media platforms, and other media to keep their eyes off the clock. 

For now, incorporating public relations and marketing within your business plan can help drive customers to your website from the comfort and safety of their couch. Staying top of mind and relevant to them means they’ll be back to your locations after the pandemic threat passes.

Sets the Stage For Building Consumer Loyalty and Long Term Profits

Customers are looking for absolute transparency right now, so communicating through public relations and marketing methods in an honest, open manner is the smartest move you can make. Instead of taking the backseat when customers are pinching pennies, invest in the extra effort now. Earned and paid media for your business attracts more customers.

From pitching and securing topical stories in local newspapers and media to strategically placing ads on social media, PR and marketing are likely to pay off in the long run. History shows time and again that businesses that say, “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” enjoy prime market position when good times return. When the market is back up, and the new normal established, customers will be more than ready to spend their dollars with your business.

Will Your Business Be the Turtle or the Hare?

The instinct is to pull in, and cut back. If your company has put public relations and marketing on the back burner, consider this your sign to reconsider the decision and continue to move forward the smart way. Get expert advice and guidance now. It will pay for itself later in top market positioning.

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Alexis Krisay and Melissa DiGianfilippo are co-founders of Serendipit Consulting, a full-service marketing and PR agency.