Az Business and AZRE magazines announced the publications’ lists of the Most Influential Women in Arizona for 2020, including Carol Stewart, associate vice president at Tech Parks Arizona at the  University of Arizona. Each day, is profiling one of the Most Influential Women of 2020.

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Today’s spotlight: Carol Stewart

Associate vice president

Tech Parks Arizona at the  University of Arizona

Background: Stewart leads two UA Tech Parks as well as a tech startup incubator, the UA Center for Innovation. She is an experienced research park leader with a more than 20-year career serving the high-tech industry to promote university-based economic development.

Professional advice: “I didn’t choose research parks, they chose me! NO one goes to university to become a science park CEO, there are only 600 other professionals in the world that hold this title (200 in North America). My lessons learned to share with any woman or young person that wants to become a leader in an industry they are passionate about is never put on blinders, be open to all opportunities, function outside your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to build the playbook.

Lesson learned in 2020: “That we are all stronger and more resilient than we ever imagined. ‘You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have’ — Bob Marley.”

Surprising fact: “People are always shocked to learn that I know how to sew and was in a rock band. One of the only luxuries I have had allowed myself over the past 20 years is the time I carved out for my co-ed volleyball team, the Speed Bumps, they are some of my dearest friends and fueled my fierce competitive spirit. In volleyball, much as in business, my role is a setter, and set people up for success.