Optimal Health Systems (OHS), a leading holistic health company and whole food supplement manufacturer, announced it has expanded its supplement manufacturing operations in Pima, Arizona. The 4,500-square-foot formulation, production and marketing facility will increase whole food vitamins and supplement production while creating over 20 new jobs, doubling the company’s headcount to more than 40 employees.

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“Optimal Health Systems has been serving and training doctors and providing whole food supplements to them and the public since 1997,” said Douglas D. Grant, Founder and Formulator, Optimal Health Systems. “Our recently-expanded formulation, production and marketing facility will create more jobs in rural Arizona, while contributing to the community. We are grateful for the support of the Town of Pima, the Arizona Commerce Authority, the local community and businesses as we continue growing in Pima.”

The facility will produce whole food-based supplements utilizing vitamins, organic minerals, pure plant enzymes and stabilized probiotics to boost energy and immunity, reduce inflammation, enhance overall health and more. A technological advancement that OHS uses to make taking supplements consistently easier is a unique production process involving specialized machines that put individual formulas into single packets. This makes it easier for the customer to take their full supplement regimen for the recommended amount of time.

“Optimal Health represents a significant win for Graham County and rural Arizona,” said Sandra Watson, President and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “Optimal’s expanded supplement production facility will diversify Arizona’s manufacturing industry while bringing skilled jobs and additional economic growth to the Town of Pima. We’re incredibly grateful to Douglas D. Grant and the entire team at Optimal Health for their commitment to Arizona.”

“The Town of Pima is excited for the growth of local businesses and is very happy for OHS,” said Town of Pima Mayor Brian Paull. “This expansion is great for the community in terms of revenue and job growth. We look forward to seeing the continued growth of OHS and other businesses as well.”

The recent building expansion has allowed OHS to improve their production and shipping capacity as well as to expand their product storage. This enables them to reach more health professionals, their patients, and the public faster.

OHS’ expansion adds to a string of economic development activity in rural Arizona including FrameTecInterstate WarehousingCirba SolutionsNucorNexGen Cryogenic Solutions, Inc., and Flowserve Corporation.