Are you planning to place an order for steel crowd control barricades online? If so, you must ask your supplier a few essential questions about the steel barricades for sale.

The following are some of the questions to ask your supplier.

Question  1. What Types of Barricades Do You Offer?

You can find different barricades for sale when you browse the web. It includes traditional crowd control barriers, temporary lane dividers, and multi-lane traffic separators.

You may be able to find recycled plastic street dividers or a stanchion kit in some cases. Here are each type explained:

1. Traditional Crowd Control Barricades

This type of crowd control barricade typically includes blockades that consist of steel tubing and metal bases you see at construction sites.

2. Temporary Lane Dividers

These are also known as removable lane dividers, which come in pairs. The lane divider lets traffic flow through it but still allows authorities to create a detour or diversion. Leaders can set them up in minutes and remove them when no longer needed. It is more convenient for sources where traffic has to be rerouted entirely, but that’s not always the case, especially if it’s a short-term event.

3. Multi-Lane Traffic Separators 

These are used to keep traffic flowing through the street. They are best used when authorities want to reroute traffic for an extended period. It’s similar to a temporary lane divider, but it is typically more durable.

Question 2. Do Your Barricades Meet Local and State Specifications?

Some cities have stricter requirements than others when it comes to crowd control. When shopping around, you will want to ensure that your supplier meets city and state specifications.

There are specific laws in the US for using temporary road blockers. The US Federal Highway Administration even has recommendations for the use of temporary traffic control devices.

Question 3. Do You Have Enough Inventory of the Barricades I Need?

Keep in mind that large-scale events sometimes require thousands of these crowd control barricades. You’ll want to ensure that your supplier has enough barricades for sale to fulfill your order. You could be waiting for the barricades to arrive—or worse, they may not be in stock at all.

Question 4. What Is Your Delivery Time?

You don’t want to request an order only to have it delayed because of a lousy delivery time. You should ask the company’s estimated delivery date and any additional charges to pay upfront.

Question 5. What Are Your Payment Methods?

Will you be able to complete your purchase online, or do you need to call first? The method of payment should be listed on their website. Keep in mind that you may pay with a credit card online, especially if you are already planning to place your order.

Question 6. What Are Your Return and Refund Policies?

You should ensure that the company has a good return policy—just in case you need it. It is vital for those who plan to buy their barricades online.

Question 7. Do You Have a Warranty?

You want to make sure that your steel barricades for sale come with a warranty and that you know the terms and conditions before making any purchases.

It is a crucial aspect of shopping online because it ensures you will be covered if there are complications with the product, such as manufacturer defects.

Question 8. Does Your Company Have Experience?

Experience is essential, especially if you want to order steel barricades for your upcoming event or construction project. It is crucial for large-scale projects. You want to ensure that the company has ample experience in this industry and that they’ll be able to provide you with all of the information you need to make a purchase.

Question 9. Are Your Crowd Control Barricades Customizable?

Consider any unique needs and ensure that the company offers customizations to its products. This way, you can get precisely what you need and nothing less, which is especially important for those needing a lot of barricades.

Question 10. Do You Offer Same-Day Shipping?

Special events may only last for a few hours, so you should ensure that your crowd control barricades will be delivered in time. Some companies offer same-day shipping, which is ideal for those planning to place their orders the night before their event or construction project. This way you can make sure that everything arrives on time.

Question 11. Do Your Barricades Meet ASTM Standards?

ASTM International is an organization that sets standards for the engineering industry. The group has created several quality standards for steel crowd control barriers, which means you can ensure that your purchase is safe and effective.