When you or a loved one are aging rapidly and are starting to show signs of declining health, you may be uncertain about whether staying at home or choosing home care is the best option. As such, before you sell your home and say goodbye to your neighborhood, here is a guide to the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Pros of Home Care

• When you opt for home care, you will be able to remain near the people that you love, as many senior residential facilities are not always near the area that you have lived in for your entire life. As such, due to its familiarity, home care can be the best option.

• You will be able to keep your beloved pets with you, as many residential facilities do not allow you to have pets. As such, if you can still look after them or ask someone else to help you to do so, home care can be a great way to stay with your pet for as long as possible.

• Home care also eradicates the stress of moving and allows you to have more independence, with the ability to leave whenever you wish to and go by your own schedule. This can then make you healthier and more content. As such, if you think senior home care is for you, you should look around for a great company in your area, such as Skylark senior home care.

Pros of Moving from Your House

• Moving house can allow you to get the 24/7 care that you need if you are completely unable to look after yourself or if you have no family members who can help you or offer you care.

• You will also be able to live in a facility that has been specially adapted to your needs, meaning that you are much less likely to injure yourself when walking around it.

Cons of Home Care

• Getting home care might mean that you have to wait around for someone to visit your home every day, and this can sometimes seem intrusive and can disrupt your routine, especially if you have problems trusting others.

• You may need to make adaptations to your home to make life easier for you, such as stairlifts, rails, and door ramps.

Cons of Moving House

• You will have to sort out the removal of all of your possessions and you will have to contend with the stress of moving, with there being a lot of paperwork and official steps that you need to take before you can move out.

• Not only this, but moving out can take a long time, and you may not be able to move into the residential facility as quickly as you would like. This can then cause you to be living in a difficult position with your health conditions for much longer than you would like.

• You will also have to adapt to a new living situation, and you will not be able to see all of your friends and family as regularly as you used to. This can be difficult and can lead to mental health issues if you experience isolation.