Even as businesses reopen after months of lockdowns, many organizations are still opting to operate remotely. The virus is still at large and letting the employees work from home seems like a safer option. So the struggle for achieving optimal productivity continues for companies and employees. Things may be a tad easier for Mac users because these devices have great features that drive productivity, performance and security. Additionally, there are some simple hacks that Mac work-from-home users can rely to ace on the productivity front. Let us explain them in detail.

Hack #1: Stick to schedules with screen time

Staying on schedule is one of the biggest challenges when you work from home because it is easy to get distracted. Mac comes with Apple’s Screen Time app which enables you to keep track of time and manage your schedules for being more productive. Apart from keeping the distractions at bay, Screen Time helps you manage breaks and relax with short periods off screen. Since the system warns you at the end of the designated break time, there’s hardly a possibility of wasting time.

Hack #2: Multitask with split view

Cramped screen real estate is not a problem for Mac users as the Split View lets you access a couple of apps on a single screen. Being able to multitask obviously has a good impact on your productivity, as long as you are capable of handling two apps on the screen at the same time. Alternatively, using your iPad as a secondary monitor is a good idea if the split views appear confusing.

Hack #3: Run the latest OS version

Productivity is closely related to performance and security. Running the latest OS version of Mac gets you ahead on both fronts, so upgrading to the latest release sounds like a great idea. While you can upgrade to Big Sur beta to avail the all new features it offers, you also have the option to downgrade back from big sur to catalina if you wish to. You may want to do it if there are performance glitches with the new version or you are more comfortable with the previous one.

Hack #4: Manage your notifications

Working from home is fraught with distractions and a barrage of distracting notifications popping up on your Mac is the last thing you would want. Thankfully, you can stop them by opening “System Preferences”, going to the “Notifications” section and disabling the ones you wouldn’t want to appear. Just a small step can make a big difference to your productivity levels.

Hack #5: Organize your time with a calendar app

Even as you work remotely, there will be a lot of tasks to manage, right from your projects to reporting, team meetings, client calls and more. It is easy to get bogged by the volume of tasks and your productivity will take a blow. However, a calendar app can help you organize your time effectively without missing out on tasks and meetings. You can use one that is built-in or opt for a third-party app if you want specific features.

Enhancing your productivity with Mac is easy even as you work from out of office settings. Just be sure to use the best features that these devices have to offer and you will be able achieve more than you expect.


Apollonia Armstrong is a business development manager at Outreach Monks. She is also an avid writer and loves to share her insights through blogs and articles in leading publications. Her work has been featured in some of the top business websites.