Craft tea cafe Teaspressa will be opening soon on Central Avenue and Roosevelt Street in downtown Phoenix as half of the Tea and Toast shop at De Soto Market.

A macchiato, cappuccino, mochas and lattes can all be made with highly concentrated tea instead of espresso. Tea also has a higher caffeine content and its distinct blends allow for a play with aromatherapy — not just the sensation of taste.

Allison DeVane, a tea and coffee specialist with eight years of experience, did not want to contribute another coffee shop to the area when she opened Teaspressa at the soon-to-open De Soto Central Market. DeVane said the market reminds her of Chelsea Market in New York and was a concept she had to be a part of.

“To establish a presence in downtown Phoenix and educate my customers on this new thing,” DeVane said, are some of her goals for her first year in business. “I also have new state of art technology that will be used here for the first time.”

The consistency of the drinks are similar to that of coffee but smoother to the throat and do not leave as much of that after-coffee residue.

Teaspressa’s signature drink? It is hard to choose because all of the different blends just depend on your mood for the day, DeVane said.

Some of the gourmet drinks that will be offered are the Black Hot and Caramel Capetown Macchiato, Manhattan Black Rose Cappuccino and Iced Cucumber Green Tea. The Earl Grey with vanilla and a touch of white chocolate is Devane’s current favorite.

“Teaspressa has a lighter feeling (than coffee). The aroma of the tea is pleasant and inviting, while the taste is surprising because it is unlike anything I have ever tried before,” Natalie Davis, Teaspressa’s newest intern, said.

DeVane described the theme of the storefront as timeless with a modern direction. The navy blue and gold color scheme give it a nautical vibe, but expect colors to match what you’d see in a high-end clothing catalog, DeVane said.

Apart from Tea & Toast, Teaspressa’s creations can be found at pop-up shops in Arizona, festivals and can be requested for a private party, baby shower or wedding.

Sweateacakes, tea infused pastries, also started by DeVane shows the dynamic quality of tea and different ways it can be implemented in the culinary world.

Teaspressa is currently the only tea shop that makes a drink of this kind and downtown Phoenix will now house a possible new trend that is sure to compete with the coffee craze.
DeVane who thought tea tasted like flavored water as a child, found a way to make even the strictest of coffee fanatics to appreciate the “body” that tea leaves give gourmet drinks and is ready to share that with the rest of the valley.