September 23, 2013

AZ Big Media

Trends in Healthcare Medical Group Practice – Bigger Can Be Better and Smarter

With ongoing consolidations and mergers in the healthcare industry, and the inherent benefits that those mergers can provide, physician practice leaders may be tempted to aggressively enter into a transaction without performing the requisite due diligence. Thorough due diligence doesn’t just identify “red flags” that could jeopardize a transaction. It also uncovers opportunities to create synergies between the merging practices and mitigate issues before the transaction is consummated. Merging two or more existing physician practices can offer considerable benefits.

An important part of a successful transaction is due diligence — the method and process used by a potential acquirer to evaluate a target company and its assets for either acquisition or merger. An effective merger requires an ongoing successful partnership that starts with effective due diligence. Read the full article here …

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