For too long, memory loss has been seen as a natural and unavoidable part of aging. The stigma being that once an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis is received all you could hope for is to slow the decline. 

For the staff at The Summit at Sunland Springs, that simply isn’t good enough. Fortunately, Valley residents now have an invaluable resource in fighting back against cognitive decline. 

The Summit at Sunland Springs, under the medical direction of A Mind for All Seasons, strives to help people experiencing cognitive decline function better,  detect early-onset cognitive decline, and in some cases reverse it entirely.  The Summit, located in Mesa, Arizona, recently announced the opening of their Memory Care services to outpatients, allowing participants to remain in their homes while receiving care. 

Over the last decade, researchers studying dementia have made several important discoveries that operate beyond the flawed assumptions of dementia research conducted in the 20th century. The bad news: Alzheimer’s may be at work for up to 10-20 years before symptoms begin to surface. The good news: it is a lifestyle disease that is largely preventable and, in some cases, reversible. 

Research pioneered by Dr. Dale Bredesen, identified close to 50 distinct factors that contribute to Alzheimer’s, far more than any single pharmaceutical drug could treat. Instead, Dr. Bredesen used a multi-factorial approach that leverages how diet, physical activity, nutrients, hormones, and toxic exposures contribute to cognitive decline, and how those factors can be adjusted to slow, stop, and even reverse the effects of dementia. This led to the creation of The Enhance Protocol ® by A Mind for All Seasons. 

The Enhance Protocol® will be available to 10 individuals this October as part of a six-month group treatment, complete with full lab panels and access to a Memory Coach. By testing dozens of different factors on an individual level, The Enhance Protocol® addresses the root causes of dementia rather than masking the symptoms. This unique cognitive profile for each patient leads to a personalized treatment summary, culminating in a concrete set of recommendations that allow patients to tip the scales away from cognitive decline and back to cognitive health. This summary is then condensed into a simple and easy-to-follow daily checklist that addresses the personal factors causing the cognitive decline. 

“The power of The Enhance Protocol is incredible,” says Robeson Flynn, Memory Coach at The Summit at Sunland Springs. “It’s time we stop looking at memory loss as inevitable and start looking at the individual factors that cause it, and what we can do to mitigate it. Don’t let people tell you nothing can be done – there is so much we can do to help!” 

Results from The Enhance Protocol® have been astounding. With treatment, many patients that were experiencing decline were able to leave assisted living care and move back with loved ones, while others with more serious decline were able to recognize loved ones again. 

The program is available outpatient or as a resident of The Summit at Sunland Springs. To learn more about the science behind The Enhance Protocol®, visit or call 480-955-1633 for more information.