The cryptocurrency industry has been on a roller-coaster ride in recent years, with prices shooting up, then falling sharply. Bitcoin (BTC) lost nearly 70 percent of its value in 2018, triggering a domino effect as other cryptocurrencies such as Binance Coin (BNB) and EOS also experienced losses. 

But some market experts who follow cryptocurrency closely think it will rebound this year, and apparently many investors are still strapped in for the wild ride. 

“There are plenty of facts to back up the case for an imminent crypto rebound,” says Daniel Ameduri, co-founder of the Future Money Trends newsletter. “One fact is that cryptocurrency has game-changing technology. 

“After some inevitable corrections over the past few years, the bounce-backs have shown that crypto is built for the new global economy. And keep in mind, Amazon fell 95 percent in 2002.”

Ameduri reviews some reasons cryptocurrency could rebound this year:

• History repeats. “Cryptocurrencies have a history of crashes and recoveries just like other asset classes, but on an accelerated timeline,” Ameduri says. “You’re getting all of the ups and downs that you’d expect to see in any investment class – stocks, real estate, commodities, etc. except it’s moving at a faster pace.”

• It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Patience for the long haul is vital to staying invested in stocks that seem exciting at their inception. “BTC is a prime example of that,” Ameduri says. “Without exception, BTC recovered all losses from past corrections and then reached new all-time highs, handsomely rewarding patient and level-headed investors. For example, even if the recent decline were to exceed 80 percent, Bitcoin historians can cite multiple times where the price has staged a full recovery from a drop of that magnitude.”

Crypto and techno are a perfect marriage. BTC and the others have groundbreaking technology attached to them,” Ameduri says. “Immutable digital ledger technology is now part of the fabric of the global economy and is here to stay.”

• Real grassroots enthusiasm. Along with the investments, Ameduri says, are waves of entrepreneurs flocking to crypto conferences, reflecting the building momentum of an industry fighting for relevance in a changing economy. “Those are the underpinnings of success,” Ameduri says. “It’s still an exotic currency for early adaptors, moving forward and right on the cusp of reaching the masses. An exciting time.”

• Institutional investors. With major banks such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs planning to serve the crypto market, Ameduri says waves of capital could be released as institutions feel comfortable entering the market. “This will help build the infrastructure necessary for far more investing,” Ameduri says.

“Crypto moves at an accelerated pace,” Ameduri says, “so it won’t be long before massive-scale adoption kicks in.”