BRAVO! The future of cashless tipping has arrived.

Phoenix metropolitan residents Hector and Maria Rodriguez-Luna recently announced the launch of the BRAVO tipping app, an innovative tool providing the extraordinary ability to tip anyone, anywhere, directly from a smartphone. Twenty participating local partners have already experienced success with the app, citing an increased rise in gratuities captured. With 100 percent crash-free performance and a 56 percent increase in user downloads over the beta-testing phase, BRAVO is on track for major growth this quarter.

BRAVO allows users to locate the person they’d like to tip via GPS, Near-Field Communication, QR code or the individual’s BRAVO code, assigned to the service professional during their registration process. The customer may choose to send any amount to the intended recipient, and the gratuity will be transferred directly into the recipient’s account.

“It’s simple. BRAVO enhances life by eliminating inconvenient trips to the ATM, or embarrassing moments when we want to tip, but can’t,” said BRAVO CEO Hector Rodriguez-Luna. “The app is particularly beneficial for tipped workers to capture opportunities for gratuity that prior to BRAVO might have been lost.”

Recent reports show one in 10 Americans leave home without a dollar in their pockets, while 80 percent carry $20 or less. BRAVO is the more convenient, less expensive alternative to running to an ATM for cash, costing only a fraction of a typical ATM fee.

With BRAVO, security is paramount. User phone data is encrypted and the application has a security PIN. Hector Rodriguez-Luna says sensitive data is not stored at BRAVO servers, but immediately sent to PayPal’s affiliate, Braintree, which generates a one-time-use token, providing zero chance for hacking or theft.

BRAVO differentiates itself from other tipping apps by providing the ability to tip anonymously, and does not require the collection of personal information or photos of service professionals in order to tip.

To begin using BRAVO, users and service professionals may download the free app from the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android Devices. Visit for more details.