In case you’ve been pondering about a lithium battery, but are not really sure, this post might get you some sort of clarity for sure.  There are certain things that you should know about this battery so that you can purchase well and make a right choice.

Functionality of these batteries

Lithium type of batteries offer improved functionality over that of their AGM and flooded alternatives. It is in the sense that they can easily be discharged to a higher level safely than that of their counterparts, offering more actual useable Amps.  Most of the AGM battery manufacturers are not going to recommend discharging the battery below 50%, because the heat generated when charging them back up can actually harm or damage the cells and plates, and even twist the batteries, which can massively reduce the life of the battery. Conversely, Lithium type of batteries can be safely discharged to a one hundred percent Depth Of Discharge (DOD), that actually offers more useable amps vs. That of a maximum fifty percent DOD for an AGM to that of maintain its cycle life. 

Of course, you can even anticipate 10x the cycle life in comparison of to an AGM battery.  A Lithium type of battery cycled to 50% DOD can accomplish five thousand cycles vs. Five hundred cycles for an AGM battery.  This simply denotes that it is achievable for most of the users to get ten to fifteen years of life with a great quality Lithium Battery vs. 3three to five years with a great quality AGM. 


Lithium type of batteries cost more than AGM batteries to simply manufacture, and the price of Lithium is not really coming down.  As Lithium is a Mineral product and traded on the stock market alongside gold, platinum and that of even silver, all manufacturers are going to pay the market price. Essentially this simply means that the sum and quality used in batteries and the internals directly impacts the generation cost of the battery.

It is about the things like the cell quality and that of overall rating, internal Battery Management System, and even the actual useable capacity the battery owns.   Unfortunately, most of these variable star can only be examined after purchasing the battery, which makes picking the right one quite important, but even quite difficult.

Right Size matters

This is where Lithium type of batteries comes into their own.  An equivalent (useable volume) Lithium battery will take up one half of the physical space of an AGM battery, which is actually wonderful if you wish to conceal it somewhere.  Or alternatively, you can get double the power for the same space.


Another huge plus when it comes to Lithium type of battery is the weight saving.  A 105 Ah AGM battery is going to weigh nearly 28KG vs. 7.7KG for a sixty Ah Lithium type of Battery, that both have very similar useable volumes.  Similarly, a one hundred sixty five Ah AGM is going to weigh fifty three point six KG, where a one hundred Ah Lithium (with more practical power) weighs twelve point eight kg.


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