Today, Verizon announced that Phoenix would be among the first U.S. markets to receive the company’s 5G Ultra Wideband network later this year. Phoenix was included on a list of 20 U.S. cities to receive this next-generation technology, which promises dramatically faster mobile speeds and could pave the way for advances in autonomous transportation, telemedicine, consumer applications and more.

In 2017, Governor Ducey signed legislation making Arizona the first state in the nation to streamline the deployment of 5G technology.

“This is exciting news,” said Governor Ducey. “Verizon’s 5G launch will strengthen Arizona’s wireless infrastructure and help keep Arizona at the forefront of technological innovation. Arizona was proud to be the first state to pass legislation laying out the welcome mat for 5G and we are glad to see Verizon choose our state for this big advancement.”

Arizona became the first state in the nation to pave the way for 5G technology. H.B. 2365, introduced by Representative Jeff Weninger and signed in March 2017, streamlines local and state regulations related to wireless infrastructure, making it easier to deploy this groundbreaking technology faster.

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