A voicemail service is something that most of us take for granted. There isn’t enough time in a day to receive and respond to every call, and thankfully, technology has been able to help.

However, as times change, it’s essential to continue adapting and improving. With virtual voicemail, you can.

Importance of Using Virtual Voicemail

The primary purpose of virtual voicemail is to bring about ease of access, simplicity, and convenience. As its name would suggest, it’s a virtual electronic service that has, at its heart, the aim of acting as a personal secretary. It comes in the form of an app which records, organizes, and facilitates the recollection of voicemail on demand.

It works by converting voicemail messages into audio files that are sent to an email address or list of email addresses. In order to achieve this, the voicemail service attaches a number to an email address. The utility of this in a place of business cannot be overstated.

There are times of the day when calls can’t be answered, subsequently being sent to voicemail, and retrieving these can be massively time-consuming and inefficient, particularly in organizations where multiple extensions are used. With virtual voicemail, the recording can be sent to the correct department or person, saved, and recalled at the same time it takes to access an email.

Besides the distinct advantages, it’s also worth considering the massive impact a service like this can have on customer service.

Concerning ease of use, the appeal doesn’t end with the benefit outlined above. Since the virtual voicemail service effectively organizes your voicemail and sends you an email, it is accessible at any place at any time.

This is useful if you’re often in meetings, if you’ve stepped out of the office or if you’re traveling because it allows you to keep your finger on the pulse at all times and stay in the loop.

Services like these also come standard with a call forwarding option. This function allows for calls to be rerouted to a different number in situations where employees keep different hours; there are multiple offices or the person in question is abroad.

This flexibility is incredibly useful and allows you to personalize your experience. You can also grant different levels of access to the users on your voicemail network. Granting access to voicemails between individual directors or members who are working on a project could centralize the amount of admin that has to be done and enhance communication.

As mentioned above, this useful service comes in the form of an app. Because of this, there is no need to wait for delivery, deal with installation, or pay for expensive equipment. Apps like this can be ordered from online service providers such as Talk Route, and for those who may be wary of committing to this service, free trials are a useful bonus to look for.


There you have it. The modern-day secretary that fits into your pocket never takes a second off work and cost almost nothing in respect to the host of benefits it offers!