COVID-19 has resulted in a huge number of deaths worldwide, thus, putting extreme pressure on health systems and economies. The symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, difficulty in breathing and muscle pain can resemble those of many other diseases. So, in case you are suffering from any of these and suspect coronavirus infection, you must reach out to the best diagnostic centre in Hyderabad for getting the COVID-19 Diagnostic test done. At these diagnostic centres, tests that can quickly and accurately identify people who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 are performed.

Currently, a mutant coronavirus has emerged in the United Kingdom. And, it is clear that this new variant is more contagious. Although it may not be result in severe disease but still people need to be much more cautious about the spread of the disease. Therefore, the mutation of the virus also emphasizes on the need for an increase in the diagnostic testing.

A large-scale rapid diagnostic testing of people with symptoms of COVID-19 is essential for identifying SARS-CoV-2 infections, thereby containing its spread and preventing deaths. Thus, diagnostic testing could help overcome a lot of the current challenges in infection control and prevention. It is believed that even if we have a vaccine now, diagnostic testing will still continue to play a key role in terms of identifying and preventing infection.

Here are few diagnostic tests that are performed to detect the presence of COVID-19

PCR Tests

A number of clinical diagnostics laboratories rely on molecular tests based on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for detecting SARS-CoV-2 infection in patient samples. At present, the PCR-based tests are probably the most widely used. In PCR, the patient sample is sent to a lab where it is heated and cooled. This is done by using special type of reagents to convert the virus’s RNA into DNA. This helps for the identification of the organism. Although this diagnostic testing is time consuming, results are quite accurate in spotting the infected people.

Rapid Antigen Tests

To minimize the spread of SARS-CoV-2, most medical experts agree that the focus should be on identifying and isolating infectious people. This could be achieved by another COVID-19 diagnostic test known as the rapid antigen tests. This type of tests are much cheaper and faster than PCR-based assay. An antigen-based test could be highly effective at identifying people when they are most likely to be able to pass it on. Hence, this test could reduce the chance of virus spread.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the COVID-19 diagnostic tests are an essential step to defeat the pandemic. Hence, as many countries begin to lift COVID-19 related activity restrictions, diagnostic testing remains extremely important.

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