In order to win market share and really carve out a niche for yourself in your industry, you have to utilize the web. Traditional marketing methods like fliers, mail-in offers and even tv and radio only go so far. In order to really maximize your marketing reach, boost sales and create longevity for your business is to engage in digital marketing. Here are some suggestions on how to approach digital marketing the right way if you’re just starting out.

Contract With an SEO Company

The easiest, most obvious way of engaging in digital marketing is to employ an SEO company such as Ducktoes SEO, or any other digital marketing company. You can decide whether you want to go with a local company or a national/global one, but just be aware that larger agencies usually cost more. Sometimes going local is the way to go because it’s affordable and they also have an innate knowledge of the geographical area which can be a huge upside if that’s where most of your customers are. If you are a brick and mortar business, local knowledge can be the difference when trying to reach your target market. If you run an e-commerce business that doesn’t sell to a single geographical location, then local knowledge isn’t as important as being able to cast a wide net to catch potential customers.

Build a Website

If you have contracted with an SEO company, they usually will have the means to build your website from scratch. If not, you’ll be responsible for either building your site or contracting out the work to another website building company or freelance site builder. When building a website, you’ll want to have your digital marketing goals in mind. Is the site easy to navigate? Is it pleasing to look at? Does it accurately convey what you do and the benefits you offer to the consumer? Is it built on a web platform that’s easy to manage? Are your products connected to a web store that has easy management/tracking abilities? Do you have your site structure set up correctly that web crawlers can index you properly? Do your pages have meta descriptions with keywords included to help expand your organic reach? All of these questions and more are important to consider when building a site to make sure you have the right foundation for online success.

Start a Blog

Few things in digital marketing are as powerful as content marketing. Content is the engine that drives SEO, organic rankings, brand loyalty and company authority. If you can get potential consumers to first, find your site, and next, engage with it, you’re on your way to increasing sales. While you definitely need amazing content on all of your static web pages, product and category pages and “Home” and “About Us” pages, you need to consistently keep putting great content on your blog.

Blogs allow you a space to inform readers on important topics related to your products/services as well as show Google that you have loads of information to give people, therefore you should be ranked for certain keywords when people type questions in search engines. When building content, you’ll want to keep both the reader and the search engines in mind. Some great tips for blog creation include first doing some keyword research. What are your prospective clients typing into Google to find a business like yours? There are many tools out there that allow you to look at competitors’ sites as well as highly searched for terms in order to narrow down your keyword research and make your content marketing meaningful.

Once you have your keyword research done, it’s time to start the content writing process. Find professional writers through an SEO company, or through freelance writing sites and start to enjoy the benefits that digital marketing can offer your business!