The rise of remote working over the past 12 to 18 months has been nothing short of unbelievable. And even with the pandemic fading into the background, it looks like the popularity of remote working will remain – especially in this Arizona city.

Tucson Ranked #5 Remote Working City

Remote working has been trending in a positive direction for the better part of two decades. But after the shutdowns of 2020 when tens of millions of Americans were suddenly forced to work from home for the very first time, the concept of remote working has finally been normalized among the masses.

Since 2010, there’s been more than 400 percent growth in people working from home. Over the next five years, it’s expected that millions more will join the movement. With significant advances in virtual business tools – including advanced cloud storage solutions and user-friendly project management apps – remote working has never been more practical.

While it’s no surprise that major urban areas like New York City and San Francisco have massive remote working populations, it’s the “smaller” cities that seem to be leading the way.

According to a recent report from Forbes, cities like Portland, Maine and Boulder, Colorado are the new remote working hot spots. And trailing close behind in an impressive fifth place, you’ll find Tucson, Arizona. 

For national readers who are unfamiliar with Tucson, this may come as a surprise. But for those of us locally, it’s simply affirmation about all of the good things “Old Pueblo” has to offer.

5 Reasons Tucson is a Remote Worker’s Paradise

Tucson is a great city, but what makes it an ideal landing spot for remote workers? It ultimately comes down to five key ingredients:

1. Ideal Location

If you’re looking for warm weather, good hiking, and an intimate experience with nature (while still having the comforts of city life), Tucson is your place.

Nestled in the southeast corner of Arizona, Tucson provides residents with both beauty and access. Gorgeous panoramic views and close proximity to wildlife refuges, reservations, and a number of state and national parks make it an ideal place to call home. And with Phoenix just a short drive away, there’s always something to do. (Speaking of Phoenix, it’s regularly recognized as one of the top 15 or 20 remote working cities in America.)

2. Reasonable Cost of Living

Tucson is roughly 8.4 percent less expensive than the U.S. average (in terms of cost of living). And when you look at the state of Arizona as a whole, it’s 10.6 percent cheaper. The average rent for a three-bedroom property is $1,391, while the median home price is just $185,800.

If you’re coming from a large city like San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, or New York City, the cost of living difference is even more significant. For example, Tucson’s cost of living is just 34 percent of the cost of living in San Francisco. That amounts to an entire salary for some people!

3. Strong Economy

While COVID-19 had a significant impact on every city, Tucson’s economy is still relatively strong when compared to other locations in the country. According to one recent report, Arizona’s economy will make a full and complete recovery by the middle of 2021. (That’s significantly faster than the U.S. economy as a whole.)

While the influx of remote workers has created much more variety in the city, Tucson’s top local industries include aerospace and defense, optics, renewable energy, and higher education. These industries tend to be quite resilient (even during recessionary periods).

4. Thriving Freelance Community

Thousands of successful freelancers and entrepreneurs call Tucson home. Many are graduates from local universities, while others end up in the city after quitting corporate jobs and deciding to go out on their own.

“Tucson is an especially great place for creatives, with a thriving arts scene that is centered around the Tucson Warehouse Arts District,” the Forbes report mentions. “And who wouldn’t be inspired by the majestic natural beauty of the desert, surrounded by magisterial mountains?”

Tucson is a natural fit for so many reasons, but the support and camaraderie of like-minded individuals certainly helps.

5. Excellent Coworking Options

As a result of the thriving freelance community, a number of attractive coworking spaces have emerged in Tucson over the past several years. These make for flexible, cost-effective working options for independent workers who would like the option of going into an office and networking with others.

Calling Tucson Home

Whether you’re an Arizonian or not, Tucson is a fantastic landing point for any remote worker who wants access to excellent amenities without the high cost of living that’s attached to bigger cities. Consider gathering more information about the area and, please, come visit!