A strong strategy is required to promote your business either online or offline. In this regard, many companies offer some free services with or without minimum order quantity. These services may include free shipping, huge discounts, free one item, etc. So, you need to make a strong strategy to promote your business.

There are many business holders in the market which offer fewer prices as compared to you. So, it may be difficult for you to survive in such a crowd. You may need some promotional badges or pins to get info about your business. For this purpose, you can also purchase custom pins with no minimum order quantity. Using such pins with your brand’s logo will attract your customers to purchase also other products. And once your brand is renowned a successful business is not far away from you.

Following are Top 10 products which could be used for promotional propose with no minimum order quantity;


T-shirts are the most used promotional product in the U.S.A and also other countries. These T-shirts could be of any brand but mostly polo T-shirts are purchased by customers. So, giving them a free T-shirt with any two, three, or even one product could enhance your sales. Keep one thing in mind that the quality of the fabric used in these shirts wouldn’t be below. Also, T-shirt logos are necessary to get the attention of customers toward your brand. The pins or badges could be useful instead of printed logos. So, try to purchase some hard enamel pins to place on your T-shirts by the name of your company.


Bags are daily using products in our lives. We all need bags of different kinds to carry our luggage or things with us in the office, school, college, and on tour. So, bags could also be used as promotional products without minimum order quantity. Bags are also useful for printing or attaching custom badges. This product could be given free either with the order of two products or one. Mostly, these bags are used in the promotion of colleges or other cloth brands.

Ear pods

Ear pods are now used worldwide by adults and children from 12- 17 years of age. Ear pods are the most useful way of promoting an electronic business. So, ear pod could also be sold as free products with printed company names to grab the customer’s attention toward the brand.


Headphones are also the most used product among all ages while watching tv shows, listening to music, or working. So headphones could be another way to promote your business and sell it free with any other products ordered.

Stationery kits

Stationery kits or stationery items could also be used as promotional products to give it as free with minimum or without any minimum order quantity. These items are not costly or less costly to give as a free one with your items. But it should be printed or tagged with your Brand’s logo or name.


Footwear’s are also used by different business owners and affiliates to promote their brand sharply. This item is also a low cost to give it as free with no minimum order quantity.

Hardware tools

Hardware tools are used for different purposes like fitting screws and different subject maintenance. So, these small hardware tools could also be used as promotional products with or without minimum order quantity.

Mouse Pads or USB

A USB of any storage space or mouse pads could be used as promotional products. Because these devices are of daily usage and customers need to buy them externally. So, when you give them a free USB or mouse pad with your products, customers will automatically switch their selling choice towards your brand.

Smart watches or manual watches

Smart watches are used for sports records and Bluetooth notifiers. Many teenagers use to buy these watches as a fashion trend or by usage. So, this could also be used as a promotional product with no minimum order quantity.

Colling pots

Colling pots like day collars could also be used as promotional products. Because customers need such types of coolers to carry with them on tours and trips. Giving them a free day collar with any of your product either costly or not, could increase your sales process.