Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) announced that it has officially opened a new parts distribution center (PDC) in Phoenix, Arizona. The new Phoenix PDC will employ up to 61 employees in a 136,000 square foot facility. The $10 million distribution center will house approximately 56,000 Toyota and Lexus parts, and serve 56 Toyota and Lexus dealers in the Southwest, primarily in Arizona, as well as New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Nevada, and Colorado.

“The Phoenix PDC will improve service and support for our Southwest area Toyota and Lexus dealers,” said Jason Brown, senior manager for Toyota’s Parts Supply Chain Operations group. “The opening of this new world class facility will minimize order fulfillment times and offer new service options to better serve customers and meet increasing demand.”

The Phoenix PDC offers dealers a way to place a Toyota’s parts order at the end of a business day and have them delivered before the start of business the next morning. Additionally, the PDC will offer same-day service in select areas where dealers can place an order in the late morning and either pick up the part at the PDC or at a centralized meeting point. With this service, dealers can have a vehicle back on the road the same day with minimal inconvenience to the customer. 

In addition to enhanced efficiency, the new PDC will adhere to local and national COVID-19 safety guidelines and implement supplemental stringent safety and health measures to protect new employees. These will include: 

• Taking temperatures and daily health certifications

• Adhering to strict social distancing guidelines

• Daily sanitizations and weekly enhanced deep cleans

• Implementing COVID-19 safety training for employees in conjunction with weekly safety auditing

For years, Toyota dealers in the Southwest have received parts from the Los Angeles Parts Distribution Center (LAPDC) and San Francisco Parts Distribution Centers (SFPDC) in California. After two years of planning and nine months of install, the PDC began receiving parts on May 26 and its first shipment was deployed today. The PDC will continue to increase its fulfillment volume through the month of July and is expected to be fully operational by July 20.