WESTMARC is set to launch West Valley Hot Topics series sponsored by Salt River Project (SRP).  The series will launch in January 2021 with a focus on key issues that drive business attraction and economic development for the West Valley of the Greater Phoenix Metro area.

“SRP is proud to be a sponsor of the WESTMARC West Valley Hot Topics Series, which will bring together regional partners to talk about the incredible opportunities for economic development in this area,” said SRP Government Relations Specialist and WESTMARC board member Patricia DiRoss. “Economic forecasts show that the prospects for future growth for much of Arizona are in the West Valley, and we are happy to bring together the community to discuss all that we can do to help facilitate that.”

The hybrid (in-person and virtual) series will consist of six (6) bi-monthly events that will bring thought leaders and subject matter experts in key topic areas together, to elevate regional perceptions, awareness and increase interest in the region for the purpose of business attraction and economic development.

“WESTMARC is excited to partner with SRP on this new series which will bring timely information from experts in their fields on growth related topics throughout 2021” said Sintra Hoffman, WESTMARC President and CEO.

The series will focus on the following key areas:

January 27 – West Valley Demographics, Growth and Infrastructure (including water and transportation)

March 24 – Corridor Branding (I-17, I-10, I-11, SR-30, SR-85 and Loops 101, 202, 303)

May 26 – Projects #1- Residential & Retail (diversity-starter through executive options) 

July 28 – Projects #2- Office & Manufacturing

September 22 – Workforce Development & Education (regional workforce strategy, 6 target industry sectors, higher ed options, P-20 system)

November 24 – Quality of Life (young talent priorities, diversity/inclusion, healthcare, natural resources, recreation) 

Who should attend?  Residential and commercial brokers, tenant representative, site selectors, economic development professionals, elected officials, and all stakeholders with West Valley interests.

Registration for in-person and virtual attendance will be available at www.WESTMARC.org/HotTopics