In several industries ranging from FMCG to aviation sectors, the EHS software is getting more and more popular. This article focuses on what is EHS, the benefits of EHS software, and if your business needs EHS software.

What is EHS?

EHS stands for Environmental, Health, and Safety. The EHS software helps to provide a centralized place for the safety program management of a company. One single application keeps track of a company’s government regulatory compliance and manages health and safety data to realize continuous improvement. How does EHS software do this? Anyone who has access to the EHS platform can upload essential documentation on health and safety and key performance metrics of EHS. Furthermore, it also manages tasks and provides real-time visibility on regulation, compliance, and safety. EHS software automates the workflow of a company and notifies relevant employees with due tasks to simplify the process of tracing correct actions.

Benefits of EHS software

Each company has its own Environmental, Health, and Safety standards. Typically, this is analyzed and monitored by safety managers, who do assessments on the applicable standards for a certain business. Together with the management team, they will create procedures and protocols to ensure everyone’s safety and compliance. In the end, a manual is available for the employees to read and adhere to. However, nowadays patience and time to read a safety manual are scarce. Also, it is difficult to keep the content of a manual up to date. EHS software creates a dynamic safety manual where employees can access the latest version from the cloud. The software also includes scheduling training to engage employees and progress tracking of employees. All in all, EHS creates transparency and simplifies the process of creating insights into your safety performance by displaying statistics and details.

When does a business need EHS software?

Spreadsheet software like Excel might work for accounting, but can it also handle complicated Environmental, Health, and Safety data and do the right analyses? SMEs often start with Excel but move to professional software applications when they scale up since it can have many advantages. If a company can see all the safety-related information together, you have a better view of where you are with your business. Furthermore, collaboration via spreadsheets is often considered as difficult, leading to many versions of the same data. EHS provides a cloud-based collaboration platform designed for safety matters. If you want to lower risks within your business, reduce the amount of time you spend on legal costs and accident claims, easy collaboration between employees on safety reporting, and/or save time to produce business reports and have all the metrics in one place, then your company can benefit from using EHS software.