We live in a digital world, and print media has become almost unrecognizable to some people thanks to the digital revolution. The surprising bit about it is that it is still very much relevant. Magazines and newspapers still have an impressive readership, and they still hold a special place in your consumer’s hearts. If you are considering leveraging media to engage your customers, here is why you should choose print media like newspapers.

1. They have a loyal consumer base

While digital media and ads are growing in popularity, newspapers hold a very loyal customer base. Note that local newspaper has a long history of building a relationship with the consumers. Long years of hard work building this relationship cultivates loyalty and devoted readership.

A significant portion of consumers will buy newspapers and read them every day. Loyalty, therefore, offers your brand a long-lasting brand exposure and an excellent opportunity to communicate your message effectively with your target audience.

2. Ideal for local targeting

Newspaper printing is undoubtedly an ideal option for local targeting. If you want to promote a product or communicate with your local consumers, one of the best ways to reach them is through the local paper. As aforementioned, consumers are loyal to this kind of print media. 

This, therefore, puts you steps ahead when it comes to targeting. More local consumers will be reading the papers, which allows you to introduce your local club to them.

3. Higher frequency of readership

If you are looking for media that will help you make your brand stay on top of your audience’s minds, then newspapers are the best option. They provide a higher frequency of reading which allows consumers to interact with your brands more. 

Having a newspaper featuring your brand sitting on a table in your local club allows repeated exposure as everyone coming in has an opportunity to read it. In addition, newspapers can be reviewed multiple times by a wide range of users providing adequate time to interact with a brand. More so, it is easily sharable. 

After use, the newspaper does not disappear and can be viewed even months after publishing.

4. Flexibility

Another outstanding benefit of print media such as newspapers is flexibility. For example, if you want your business to feature in the local paper, you can choose between small ad listings to full-page listings. In addition, you can select the page you want the brand to appear. 

This gives the much-needed flexibility in budgeting. You can get a spot that fits your budget. The same applies to what you want the audience at your local club to view. You can choose to display the paper on the tables with the page with content of interest on the top

You can also have your brand in the papers on specific days of the week and avail the papers at the local club on particular days.

Take away

Print media such as newspapers still hold a special place in the marketing world. Leveraging newspapers to increase brand awareness will introduce you to a loyal target audience. In addition, newspapers come with so much flexibility and a high frequency of readership that will allow you to communicate with consumers effectively.