Printing might not seem important when you can store files on your laptop and back them up on memory sticks or external hard drives. However, there are still reasons why printing can be helpful to your business.

An extra way to back up files

Even if you have one or more backups of your files, having printed versions can be beneficial too. You may never need these, but if something happened to your laptop and the backups, it could be costly for your business.

It might seem like all this printing will be expensive, but you can find cheaper original or compatible ink cartridges online. For example, hp 301 compatible ink cartridges are cheaper at Printer Inks than they are at several other retailers. Not only can you earn reward points when you purchase your cartridges, but you can also print from just 4.57p per page when using black ink. Buying in multipacks can save money, even when buying bundles containing color ink.

Offline marketing material

Online marketing can reach thousands of people, but offline marketing materials are still important. If you’re designing and printing posters to advertise special events or sales, you can hand these out to people who might be interested. You can also get local businesses to pin them up, which is useful if your event or sale is local. Many people are now online, but they won’t see your advertising if they only use the internet for keeping in touch with friends or family or visiting a few preferred websites.

Easier to find information

If you print out all your files, it can make it easier to find information. Not everything related to running a business means being in front of a computer screen all day. If you have everything stored in a way it’s easy to find, you might be able to answer a question much quicker by locating the paper files, rather than logging onto your computer. It’s always useful to give yourself the option. In the rare case of a power cut, you’ll also have access to the information you need and have the ability to work offline. So, your business won’t completely come to a halt.

Printing makes editing easier

If you have large amounts of text to edit before sending to an important client or emailing it to thousands of customers, you will want to make sure it’s free of errors. While you can read through these on your computer, run a spell check and use resources such as Grammarly, you might still miss one or two errors. Some people find it easier to spot errors on paper. If you’re one of these people, and the document is important, you’ll want to make sure the message isn’t diluted by poor spelling and grammar.

The online world offers so many resources for businesses. Yet printing and having access to materials and information offline can benefit your business too. Using a combination of online and offline means you have choices and get the best of both worlds.