If your employees are constantly getting sick, you’ve got some work to do. These are the signs that your business premises may be out to get you.

Are you literally sick of work?

Sick building syndrome is a recognized condition afflicting workers all over the world. There’s strong evidence that we aren’t just getting sick from work stress, but also from the conditions we’re working in. As the silent dangers of our modern lifestyles come into sharp relief, we’re discovering more and more risks to our long-term health.

Are your employees constantly getting sick? Here are 5 symptoms that could be down to sick building syndrome.

1. Tiredness and Concentration Problems

Tiredness, irritability, and the inability to concentrate are often some of the first symptoms of underlying issues — and they’re one of the signs of a sick building.

If you and your colleagues are struggling to concentrate on a regular basis, it could indicate there’s a deeper problem with the building, like restricted ventilation.

Given the many causes of these symptoms, you’ll need to look for patterns of incidence to trace them back to your building.

2. Allergies

Our bodies have a keen sense of threats we may not even be aware of. At a microscopic level, we’re fighting a constant battle.

Potential allergens are everywhere. In a small office building, stray chemicals can trigger allergic reactions with no obvious source. But more mundane allergens can cause big problems, too. AC units that haven’t been maintained can circulate dust and particles that may lead to allergic reactions.

3. Headaches and Dizziness

Headaches can a generic “something is wrong” alarm for the body. In the case of a sick building, they can come about due to bad air quality, poor lighting, and poor ventilation.

Thanks to their wide range of causes, the source of the headache won’t always be obvious. In a worst-case scenario, this headaches can escalate to migraines and dizziness.

4. Respiratory Problems

When was the last time you replaced your AC? Or even cleaned it?

Respiratory problems in a work setting often come about thanks to poor air quality. The AC is a frequent culprit, cycling dust around an enclosed space.

But there are other risks, too. Poor quality building materials can shed material that enters the lungs and windpipe, causing irritation. And even materials your company handles could pose risks.

If your employees are coming down with consistent respiratory problems, you could be looking at a sick building.

5. General Malaise

Sometimes, the symptoms of sick building syndrome aren’t even clear. A general malaise can inflict workers in a sick building.

This sort of malaise can include symptoms like lethargy, nausea, and fatigue. One of the common causes of malaise is poor lighting quality, which can interfere with the body’s circadian rhythms and cause eye strain.

If your building has poor natural lighting and insufficient artificial lighting, you may have no choice but to find office space to lease that offers better working conditions for your employees.

No One Should Be Constantly Getting Sick at Work

If your employees are constantly getting sick due to sick building syndrome, then you’re doing them a disservice. No one should have to suffer bad health for the sake of earning a living wage, so it’s up to an employer to get to the root out of the problem.

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