The Execu|Search Group released today its 2019 Hiring Outlook titled, The Employee Experience: 4 Ways To Attract, Engage, & Retain Employees In Today’s Competitive Market. The report, which provides insights into the factors that most impact employee engagement and well-being, aims to help employers navigate today’s candidate-driven market. Arguably the most competitive job market for employers in decades, the Hiring Outlook offers recommendations for improving the employee experience, from hiring to retention.

“With professionals in the driver’s seat, they’re commanding more than just higher salaries,” said Edward Fleischman, CEO of The Execu|Search Group. “Professionals consider their careers an integral part of their lives and they expect their job to provide meaning. Top performers who do not feel engaged or supported at work will be first to leave, so our 2019 Hiring Outlook is meant to provide employers with tools for creating a culture focused on building a strong employee experience.”

Findings of the report include:

• It’s becoming increasing difficult to keep talent: 66% of professionals are NOT planning to stay at their organization long-term.

• Companies must offer more professional development: 86% of professionals said that they would change jobs if they were offered more opportunities for professional development. 66% of professionals said that there isn’t much support for those wishing to take on leadership roles.

• Managers play a critical role in employee engagement: Professionals ranked support from leadership/management as the most important element of company culture.

• Employers are falling short regarding work-life balance: 45% of employees do not feel their employer promotes a healthy work-life balance. 71% of professionals said they would change jobs if they were offered flexible scheduling in a new role.

The full report can be accessed, here.