• CEO Series: Brad Casper - Read Article

    CEO Series: Brad Casper


    Brad Casper CEO, Henkel Consumer Goods (The Dial Corporation) Consumers have been cutting back sharply on their purchases as a result of the recession. How has that affected Henkel Consumer…

  • CEO Series: Steve Cowman - Read Article

    CEO Series: Steve Cowman


    Steve Cowman Appointed CEO and Board Member, Stirling Energy Systems (SES) How has the recession affected the alternative energy industry? It’s had a major impact on the solar industry and…

  • CEO Series: Robert E. Mittlestaedt Jr. - Read Article

    CEO Series: Robert E. Mittlestaedt Jr.


    Robert E. Mittelstaedt Jr. Dean, W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University How is W.P. Carey’s curriculum changing due to the economic crisis? The curriculum in any business…

  • CEO Series: Rhonda Forsyth - Read Article

    CEO Series: Rhonda Forsyth


    Rhonda Forsyth President and Chief Executive Officer John C. Lincoln Health Network How would you characterize the health care industry in the Valley? When I think of health care for…

  • CEO Series: Richard L. Boals - Read Article

    CEO Series: Richard L. Boals


    Richard L. Boals President and CEO Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona What are some of the major trends in the health insurance industry? In health, I think there is…

  • CEO Series: Bob Matia - Read Article

    CEO Series: Bob Matia


    Bob Matia Managing Partner Squire, Sanders and Dempsey What impact has the current recession had on the legal profession? With the credit markets being down as much as they were…

  • CEO Series: Doug Parker - Read Article

    CEO Series: Doug Parker


    Doug Parker Title: Chairman and CEO Company: US Airways Describe your very first job and what lessons you learned from it. My first job was as a bagger at a…