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Arizona No. 8 least-impacted state during labor shortage

22 Sep, 2021

A new study finds Arizona is the No. 8 state least impacted by America’s labor shortage crisis which surged to a record 10.9 million…

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CVS Health looks to hire 600 across Arizona

21 Sep, 2021

CVS Health today announced that it is recruiting qualified candidates to fill 25,000 clinical and retail jobs during a one-day…

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Arizona recovers 100% of private sector jobs since April 2020

20 Sep, 2021

Less than a year and a half after the initial economic disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, Arizona has already recovered…

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Biden tax hikes could cost Arizona 27,728 jobs, analysis finds

16 Sep, 2021

The Biden administration’s Made in America tax plan proposes raising the Global Intangible Low Tax Income (GILTI) tax rate on…

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Imperial Brown brings jobs to Tucson with new manufacturing facility

15 Sep, 2021

Imperial Brown, a leading manufacturer of custom walk-in coolers and freezers, will open a manufacturing plant in Tucson, AZ, in…

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Top 25 jobs that do not require a college degree

14 Sep, 2021

SkillPointe, the authority on skill-based careers requiring two years or less of training, today announced its first SkillPointe Job Score Report…

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Metro Phoenix ranks No. 2 among best labor markets in U.S.

10 Sep, 2021

ThinkWhy, a Dallas-based SaaS company focused on creating a new generation of AI-driven labor market solutions, released its U.S. labor market…

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Delta variant wreaks havoc with still very tight labor market

7 Sep, 2021

Friday’s jobs report reflected the effects of both the COVID-19 Delta variant and the severe labor shortage in the US…

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Tech companies accelerate hiring as other industries slow growth

6 Sep, 2021

Hiring by U.S. technology companies in August reached a near two-year high, a positive counterweight to slower payroll growth and…

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10 jobs you can hold with a master’s degree in criminal justice

31 Aug, 2021

Did you know that approximately 3 million people are working in the criminal justice industry in the United States? However,…

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