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Architectural Achievements – Arizona's Centennial

29 Dec, 2011

Arizona’s Architectural Achievements Masterpieces of style and design have graced Arizona’s diverse landscape for the past 100 years. Maybe it’s…

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Arizona's Biggest, Best And Most Memorable Public And Commercial Buildings

3 Nov, 2011

Steel, Glass and Marvelous: A look at the biggest, best and most recognizable public and commercial buildings in Arizona OK,…

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Old Boutique Gets New Life As DPR Construction's Headquarters [VIDEO]

14 Oct, 2011

Rising from the remains of the former Castle Boutique on 44th Street and Van Buren, DPR Construction’s new Phoenix headquarters…

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Architecture 2030 Seeks To Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Consumption

22 Sep, 2011

Architect Edward Mazria established Architecture 2030, a nonprofit, non-partisan and independent organization, in response to the climate change crisis in…

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Tenant Improvement Projects Showcase Extraordinary Design

1 Jul, 2010

Tenant Improvement Tenant improvement projects happen every day, but some stand out from the rest with their brilliant, unique design.…

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How National Healthcare Reform Could Define A Chronic Condition For Valley Construction

1 Nov, 2009

Healthcare Reform – Healthy Choice? Healthcare reform has been a national hot button lately, and with it comes a focus…

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