You may have heard that there are significant margins in the retail space–particularly when you source your inventory competitively. Some of the highest earnings come from marketplaces and business owners who source their wares from the best companies to buy wholesale liquidation pallets.

This ensures that you purchase products that are more likely to resonate with an American audience and can streamline and simplify ordering, delivery tracking, and more. Let’s take a look at the best wholesale liquidators in the USA so you can find the best fit for your business and optimize your earnings!

Top 15 Liquidation Companies to Buy Pallets

Particularly if you are catering to an American market, sourcing your product from major producers like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and more can make imminent sales more likely. What’s more, you can even opt to sell returned items or overstock, ensuring you pay the least and gain the widest margins possible.

1. UpLiquidation

Featuring the largest inventory of products in the nation, UpLiquidation is a natural choice for entrepreneurial-minded business owners looking to diversify their wares or create multiple platforms for different product niches.

With constant support via email, live chat, or phone, UpLiquidation has consistently been voted the #1 Wholesale Liquidation Company in the USA for the last 9 years, and goes above and beyond when it comes to quality control of products, logistics, order tracking, and more.

2. Direct Liquidation

If you’re looking for a wide variety of products, Direct Liquidation offers myriad options for business owners of all niches–including the ability to sort products by brand, vendor, and location. Featuring partnerships with leading brands like Sam’s Club, JC Penny, Walmart, Microsoft, and many more, working with Direct Liquidation allows buyers to easily and confidently purchase across a wide variety of categories.

Their industry-leading customer support is available by phone, live chat, and email, with multiple forms of payment processing available for maximum convenience.

3. B-Stock

Trusted by thousands of businesses within the United States, B-Stock allows buyers to choose a more customized shopping experience by browsing products by the size of their business–whether they’re a smaller business or a larger one.

B-Stock allows the buyer to purchase inventory without acting as a middleman, providing direct sourcing to your shelves or online clients–all with partnerships with top-selling brands like Amazon, Target, World Market, and more.

4. Bulq

With new listings arriving three times a day, Bulq offers a litany of products sorted by category, lot size, and conditions.

They have an accurate manifest guarantee and convenient, full-service shipping for a streamlined process for buyers. What really sets Bulq apart, however, is its mobile app–which makes ordering from everywhere convenient and effortless.

5. BlueLots

BlueLots offers buyers the opportunity to purchase by pallet or parcel, with product categories like clothing, home and garden, health and beauty, electronics, and more, including shopping by product status.

You can also sell products to BlueLots through their convenient online platform. They also offer a rich blog for those looking for even deeper industry insights!

6. 888Lots

888Lots sources a wide array of products for buyers–especially for those looking to connect their Amazon account directly to their platform.

There are many opportunities for shopping by price point, including an “eight cents store,” “dollar store,” “five dollar store” and other categories–as well as by small, medium, or large order sizes.

7. Via Trading

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Via Trading offers a compelling starting point for developing businesses looking to stock their shelves or online retail sites. With no minimums for orders but the ability to purchase up to a truckload of products, Via Trading provides buyers with an online platform through which to place and track orders with a no-cost membership.

While Via Trading does its own quality control on its merchandise, it also welcomes site visits from business owners who want to see their wares in person and ensure the business partnership is a good fit. If you can’t make it in person, they also offer support and provide answers to customers by way of email, online chat, Whatsapp, and phone.

8. allows buyers to shop by filtering product category, size, brand/retailer, and location. A 2023 RLA Excellence Award Winner for “Innovation Solutions Partner” of the year, provides a comprehensive search filtration system for connecting with the best products for their business goals.

9. MidTenn Wholesale

Unsure of the amount of merchandise you’ll need to get started? MedTenn Wholesale makes scalability a breeze, with the ability to purchase individual SKUs, small lots, pallets, and truckloads of product.

MidTenn Wholesale even offers a 100% manifest accuracy guarantee, which comes with a full credit card refund for any misallocated products or inaccurate deliveries. They also offer very flexible customer service by almost any medium–including phone support, text, Facebook, and email.

10. Merchandize Liquidators

For those looking for updates on the latest arrivals, Merchandize Liquidators offers prospective clients access to their email updates. As one of Inc. 500’s rated fastest growing companies, Merchandize Liquidators supplies an array of liquidation pallets for sale near you.

Merchandize Liquidators also has direct partnerships with Amazon, allowing buyers to purchase pallets of returned or wholesale products.

11. TechLiquidators

If you plan to earn your revenue in the technology niche, TechLiquidators is an excellent solution for your inventory sourcing needs–though they do provide products for other niches as well, such as home and garden, toys and baby products, and more.

Buyers can easily shop by category or product status, including “used,” “like new,” “new,” “salvaged,” and more, with the ability to purchase by case, multi-lot, or pallet quantities. With warehouses located across the USA, delivery, pickup, and tracking through their online portal is easier than ever!


With acknowledgement from sources like CNN, Forbes, Delish, and more, is widely recognized as a leading provider of restaurant equipment, products, and gear, with locations all across the USA One downside of working with this provider is that they do not provide logistics or shipping.

13. American Merchandise Liquidators

Whether you’re looking to buy products by the truckload, lot, or pallet, American Merchandise Liquidators offers a range of products ranging from tools and equipment to jewelry and accessories.

With phone and email support, buyers can create an online portal for effortless shopping and product sourcing.  American Merchandise Liquidators also buys product, as well!

14. Walmart Liquidation Auctions

A simple, streamlined, loaded platform for just about any product you can imagine, Walmart Liquidation Auctions allows buyers to source products by filtering by price point, location, quantity of product, condition, and more.

This enormous enterprise is trusted by millions of Americans, making it more likely that you will be able to provide your USA-based clients with products at a price point they desire.

15. Discount Wholesalers, Inc.

With a more focused product selection than other liquidation companies in the USA, Discount Wholesalers, Inc. primarily offers products in categories like Health and Beauty, Household Wares, and General Merchandise, with the option to buy by the pallet or truckload.

This platform also provides a Clearance tab, where buyers can sort through products that are more likely to drive the highest margins. They welcome site visits for those who are inquisitive about doing business long-term!

Is buying liquidation pallets worth it?

Yes, buying wholesale pallets can be worth it. It offers high-profit margins, access to discounted bulk items, and a variety of products for resale. However, success depends on careful research, quality assessment, and choosing reputable suppliers.

How can I buy liquidation pallets?

You can buy pallets from the reputable liquidators listed above in the industry. Review their products, terms, and procedures, and then make your purchases from the available pallets. Evaluate the quality and value of the pallets being offered. Arrange for shipping or pick-up based on the seller’s logistics.

Which is the #1 Place to Buy Liquidation Pallets?

UpLiquidation is undoubtedly the top spot for purchasing liquidation pallets. Our thorough research has shown it to be the top choice because of its outstanding quality, reliability, unmatched support, and over 14 years of industry experience, all of which distinguish it from other liquidators.

Final Words

The best inventory liquidation companies in the USA offer transparency through every step of the journey–so don’t be afraid to reach out to merchandising companies and suss out whether or not they are a good fit for your business’ needs. Whether you’re hoping to stock product at your brick-and-mortar shop or an online platform, chances are there’s a good fit for your needs featuring liquidated products that maximize revenue.