If you are about to start playing Rust, be assured that you are in for a treat. Rust is known for being one of the most brutal survival games. The brutality can be seen as the character starts the game naked with just a rock and torch for survival. The player must find the clothes, food, and weapons to survive the wilderness. Accompanied by the natural elements and wild animals, surviving even a night in the game can seem challenging.

You can set up custom Rust Maps to make the game more interesting. It can be hard to grasp the game as a beginner, especially as there are no in-game tutorials to guide you. Thankfully. Here are four Rust tips that will help you master the game even if you are still a rookie. These tips will help you survive one more night in this brutal game. Take a look.

1. Get a Friendly Server

Choosing the server is your first step toward playing Rust. Many beginners often mistake selecting the official server, which is very populated. The official server has all the experienced players, making it difficult to start and enjoy your game. When you start playing, you are more likely to get killed repeatedly. It can be discouraging and frustrating, especially if you are playing along with experienced players on the standard server. You need more time to get comfortable and learn the basics of the game. It is possible if you choose a beginner-friendly server.

It’s best to choose a beginner-friendly server that will provide you with lower difficulty as newcomers like you often prefer it. It will give you enough time to practice your game to compete with experienced players.

2. Create a Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is a vital item in Rust. You automatically get respawned at the beach whenever you die during any mission, which is the default location of respawning. Then you have to start your mission again right from the beach, which can be very frustrating.

Thankfully, if you have a sleeping bag, you can lay it anywhere on the map and create a custom respawn point. Getting a sleeping bag is not as easy as it sounds. As you start the game with almost nothing, you need to make a sleeping bag yourself. You can make your sleeping bag with 30 clothes. These clothes are only obtained from a hemp plant, and one hemp plant creates a stack of 10 clothes. That means you will need at least three hemp plants to make one sleeping bag. It can be challenging to find the help plant in the woods and jungles, so keep a close eye on the plant.

3. Know Where to Hit the Tree and Rock for Maximum Effect

Once you create the first respawn point, you need to start looking for supplies. As Rust is a true survival game, you only get a torch and a rock to begin with. You need to use that rock to cut trees and break boulders to create weapons and tools. You can make a pickaxe and hatchet with the stones and the wood from the trees.

As you must have thought, how can someone break the tree with just a rock? It can be very time-consuming and dangerous to come across a bear, wolf, or enemy. Thankfully there are little hints in the game that can help you. A small red cross appears on the tree whenever you try to cut a tree. Hitting on this cross creates better impact and ensures optimum damage. That way, you can cut the tree faster and with minimum effort. The same goes for the boulders. You can see a sparkle on the boulders, and hitting on the sparkle makes breaking the boulder into smaller rocks easier.

4. Choose the Right Spot for Your Base

Choosing the right place for setting up your base is essential to win the game. Find a place that is away from plain sight, hidden in a forest where a vast number of resources are found. Try to create a base as soon as possible further in the map; it will increase the distance from your base. That means you have started from the base if you get killed. Custom Rust Maps have plenty of such spots to make the best base. Make sure the base isn’t in the open like in a desert or snow where lack of clothes can kill you.

It’s always good to know the game so you can win it. Practice your game on a friendly server and learn the tricks of the trade before you can venture to become a pro Rust player.