With the current worldwide health crisis, it seems like the world has been put on hold for a few months. The potential silver lining of this event is that it happened during the winter and early spring, when most open bars, restaurants, terraces, and patios were already closed. However, as most states try to restart their economies and make a living in these uncertain times, one thing is for sure – life as we knew it is gone.

If you’re willing to soak in the hot spring Arizona sun with a cold beverage while still practicing social distancing, here are some of the best places to visit in Phoenix once they are open.

The Yard

Here you will find an amazing restaurant – Culinary Dropout. You can access it by a main, massive covered patio with ample seating and so many delicious food choices and some of them are suited for vegetarians as well. It is also the ideal place for a big party, although now social distancing should be a priority. If you want to go out for a special occasion, this is the place.

It was usually full during happy hour, and on weekend nights, and we cannot wait for it to open again to have a delicious cocktail to go with those half-shell oyster entrees.

Gallo Blanco

This restaurant’s patio isn’t the biggest or the fanciest, but this doesn’t mean you won’t have a wonderful time at sunset. The teal and red umbrellas provide the perfect coverage from the noisy streets nearby, allowing you to enjoy a quiet and delicious meal, brunch, or snack with your family or significant other.

The restaurant is located in the Garfield District neighborhood, home of several historical buildings erected in the 19th and 20th centuries. There are plenty of tasty dishes to choose from but, since we are talking about Arizona, it would be a shame not to try the tapas, tacos, and tortas.

The House Brasserie

This place located on East Main Street is perfect for large outdoor events, thanks to its spacious and gorgeously decorated patio. The House Brasserie is set in a 1920s bungalow, while the patio often holds the title as one of the most romantic places in the Valley.

Most of the restaurant’s clients appreciate the place for its secret garden vibe which you can especially enjoy at sunset. As far as the menu goes, you can expect a fancy mix of internationally inspired plates and entrees that go perfectly with a glass of local red wine.


If secluded and spectacular are the things that you’re interested in when choosing a fine place to dine out, consider the Talavera restaurant, part of the Four Seasons Resort. It is located near Pinnacle Peak, offering an amazing view over the desert that captures the true essence of Arizona.

Although just a few minutes away from North Scottsdale, the place feels secluded and remote, perfect for catching your breath after a long week at work. The restaurant is known for its 20-pound prime bone-in ribeye steak, as well as other steaks and an excellent selection of seafood dishes.

We also liked the fireplace which can become the perfect place to sip on a fun cocktail or eat one of the restaurant’s finest desserts.

No matter the outdoor venue you choose for your first dinner out after the pandemics, make sure you stay fully protected. Masks are not mandatory but recommended, while antibacterial gels and wet wipes should already be part of your routine. However, don’t forget that Arizona is also the home of nasty insects and bugs that cannot wait for the warm season to start.

Protect your skin using insect repellents and keep your table free from pests with the help of a sea gun, there are many options to choose from on the market.