The UK has become a laughingstock for cuisine across the world. The nation has earned a reputation for bland food that lacks flair or originality. Yet, it is full to the brim with exciting restaurants, unique dishes, and flavors that will explode onto your tongue.

After all, some of the finest chefs in the world hail from the UK, such as Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, and Clare Smyth. Don’t disregard the country too soon. Check out the below four reasons why foodies must visit the UK.

1. Michelin-Star Restaurants

The likes of France, Japan, Italy, and the United States have earned a rock-solid reputation in the culinary world, thanks to their extensive array of Michelin-star restaurants.

However, it might surprise you to learn that the UK offers 157 one Michelin-star restaurants, 20 two-star restaurants, and 7 three-star restaurants.

Some of the best Michelin-star restaurants in the UK include:

• The Fat Duck

• Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

• CORE by Clare Smyth

• Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Also, you can enjoy dishes from some of the most respected Michelin-starred chefs, such as Gordon Ramsay, Michele Roux Jr., Heston Blumenthal, and Marco Pierre White, to name a few.

2. Exceptional Street Food

Street food is often synonymous with the likes of Bangkok, Thailand, or Tokyo, Japan, but the UK shouldn’t be overlooked.

One city excelling in this field is York, as there has been a street food boom in the English city in recent years, which complements its historic architecture, charming streets, and breath-taking cathedral.

Tourists must visit the famous Shambles Market, which offers street food inspired by various international cuisines, as you can try mouth-watering gyros, flavorsome Souvlaki, and perfectly spiced Moroccan falafel.

3. Internationally Inspired Cities

If you venture beyond London, you’ll find many cities and towns across the UK are full of delicious dishes inspired by British and international cuisines.

For example, you can enjoy contemporary Scottish fare at Edinburgh’s The Bon Vivant restaurant, which offers a modern spin on the nation’s cuisine serving haggis, bon-bons, hot smoked salmon pate, and venison pasties to name a few options. It’s a mix of Scottish culture mixed with French expertise.

While you only need to look at Annies Burger Shack Derby Menu to learn that the restaurant is inspired by scrumptious American dishes, as they serve everything from a classic cheeseburger to a New England Yankee brisket – Annies Burger Shack has it all.

Whether you’re looking to sample authentic American cuisine, Scottish fusion, Thai dishes, or Spanish feasts, you will wonder why you never visited the UK much sooner.

4. Fantastic British Dishes

If you’ve ever set eyes on the UK’s favorite of beans on toast, it makes sense you might question the nation’s palate.

While the much-loved meal is delicious, there are far superior dishes that hail from the United Kingdom and prove the country is underrated in the culinary world.

After all, England is the home of the complex yet delicious beef Wellington, the melt-in-your-mouth Yorkshire pudding, and the humble yet hearty pie and mash.

Don’t knock them until you have tried them. You will not regret it.