Are you looking to upgrade your home?

Renovations add value to the property, paying back up to 85% of the work that you get to enjoy while living there. More importantly, you can make life at home worthwhile by turning your space into something special.

Invest in home improvements that turn living into a dream. Keep reading for five dream house ideas that are worth it!

1. Chef’s Kitchen

The return on your investment for a kitchen remodel can fall anywhere between 70 and 78%. Plus, your inner chef will cook in a storm of excitement.

Open up the area to make it spacious for cooking and entertaining. Additional counter space will make big meals easier to prep, especially when you invite in help during the holidays. Add in a multipurpose island and, viola, mealtime will feel magical!

Build cabinets and shelving high up the walls. This looks chic while hiding all of your favorite cooking appliances that don’t belong taking up counter space.

Building in big windows will make your kitchen feel extra dreamy. The extra light will also allow for a sustainable wall herb garden, bringing life into the kitchen.

2. Workout Room

Add a workout room to your dream house design. This will encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle and resculpt your body after revamping your house.

This room should offer enough space that you can comfortably keep all of the equipment you need and move around. Ceiling fans will help you move air so you stay comfortable and the room does not get stinky.

If you don’t lift weights, opt for a yoga room instead! Bamboo flooring, a good humidifier, and a heating system will allow you to practice hot room yoga in the privacy of your own home.

3. Spa Bathroom

Create a space to relax and pamper yourself by turning your bathroom into a spa. A walking shower with multiple sprayers looks lux while a jacuzzi bath will soak you with zen.

Opt for tile walls that will easily wipe down and look amazing. Shop home plans that will fit this in nicely.

4. Superior Study

Do you work remotely? Then you should have a study that entices you into work.

A picture window that looks out into the backyard will allow you peaceful breaks from your work without leaving the room. Let one wall be your drawing board with chalkboard paint.

Another wall can serve as a built-in mahogany bookshelf that reaches high up to the ceiling. Make it feel like an old library by adding in a sliding ladder if the ceilings reach high.

5. Attic Playroom

Raise your children to believe in magic by creating an enchanted space above their bedroom. An attic remodels that they can get to via ladder will make playing pretend extra exciting!

Finish the walls and add in flooring that allows for safe and comfortable play. Put in lots of built-in shelving to keep toys and books and leave lots of open space for imaginative play.

Let Your Dream House Ideas Run Wild

If you can think of it, renovators can build it. Go with dream house ideas that make living in your home more comfortable, exciting, or enjoyable.

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