You probably spend a lot of time in the living room. Whether you’re trying to relax alone after a long day at work or entertaining guests on the weekends, you must choose an aesthetic that you want to show off and that helps you feel comfortable. One of the most common decor themes for a cozy living room is a traditional aesthetic. If this is the vibe you want, here are five elements you should include in your living room.

1. A Plush Couch

If you want to feel comfortable in your living room, having a plush couch is a necessity. Sofas come in a nearly endless selection of styles and colors. You can choose one that has a neutral color and pair it with colorful throw pillows or you can select a colored couch and bounce it with neutral accents. For example, if you love the aesthetic of green couches, pair them with beige throw pillows to provide balance to the color palette. This practice keeps the space from appearing overwhelming or cluttered. Prioritize comfort, then color when choosing the right couch for your living room.

2. Personal Accents

Some people love to display pictures or sentimental knickknacks, while others prefer to have minimal decor to keep a room from looking cluttered. While too many accents can make a space look disorganized and cluttered, a few decorations add personality to your space and help achieve your desired aesthetic. The traditional decor style values personal belongings, so choose a few items that pair well with your existing decor and showcase your personality. Displaying a few family pictures or using succulents or potted plants as decor can liven up your space without making it appear overwhelming.

3. Warm Colors

Warm hues are characteristic of a traditional and cozy living room. You can go with neutral-colored walls and colored accents or vice versa to incorporate color without becoming overwhelming. Choose either a palette with mostly neutral shades and one accenting color or one that features shades of gold, green or burgundy to promote a warm and cozy vibe.

4. A Rug

rug is the perfect way to tie a room together and set the tone for your space. Because rugs come in a huge array of colors and designs, you can find one to match any aesthetic. A rug with bold colors or geometric designs may be best for a modern design theme, while intricate rugs may work best for elegant spaces. Creating a cozy vibe is easiest if you choose a solid-colored rug in a warm, earthy hue.

5. Soft Lighting

Some light fixtures emit harsh, white light. Others give off a soft glow that is reminiscent of natural light. If you’re trying to achieve a warm and traditional aesthetic, choosing the right lighting fixtures is important. Opt for a vintage chandelier, or choose several lamps that match your vibe.

Turning your living room into a warm and cozy space where you can feel comfortable doesn’t have to be difficult. Incorporate these five elements into your design to create the space of your dreams.