As gyms remain closed in Arizona due to COVID-19 and fitness fanatics await word on when they will be allowed to reopen, many are struggling to find alternate ways to work out. Luckily, some gyms are offering free at-home fitness classes or posting workout videos and plans you can follow without leaving the house. Check out these five gyms for no-cost sweat sessions you can do from home.

Orangetheory Fitness

Every day, Orangetheory posts a new at-home workout video on its website. Orangetheory has been posting new videos since mid-March, so there are now well over 100 videos for you to choose from. Many workouts focus on strengthening one area of the body, while others are total-body workouts. And if you download the Orangetheory app, you’ll have access to more videos, challenges and tips.

EoS Fitness

EoS is offering live 30-minute at-home fitness classes that are streamed on Facebook and Instagram every day of the week. Workouts focus on strength, cardio, or a mix and most classes require weights for which you can substitute household items. The gym has also published a 31-day bodyweight workout plan with demo videos and has hundreds of videos on its YouTube page for on-demand viewing.

Anytime Fitness

Workouts are streamed live every morning on Anytime’s Facebook page. The videos are saved on the page, so you have access to them if you want to exercise at a different time or repeat a class. Classes range from 15 to 30 minutes and cover a variety of workout methods. Some are even family-oriented.

Planet Fitness

While gyms are closed, Planet Fitness is all about working in, rather than working out. On weekday evenings, short 20-minute workouts are streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. If you want something even quicker, they stream 5-minute workouts on Instagram two days per week. And the Planet Fitness app features tons of at-home workouts.

Youfit Health Clubs

A handful of Youfit locations are holding live classes on their individual Facebook pages. 30-minute classes in kickboxing, yoga, interval training and sculpting, plus some that are senior-friendly, are offered Monday thru Thursday. A few workouts require a mat and weights.

Bonus: 5 places to grab a healthy pre- or post-workout snack

If you want a little pick-me-up before or after your workout, try these local places that offer healthy options, from protein-packed meals to smoothies and acai bowls.

Protein House

Open all day, Protein House is the perfect stop for refueling after a workout. It’s got tons of protein-loaded options: choose from pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, acai bowls, wraps, burgers, bowls and salads and pair it with a protein shake, juice, coffee or wellness shot.

Original Chop Shop

Chop Shop is a go-to for nutritious salads and bowls and offers many gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. Pick a bowl and then add a base – rice, quinoa or sweet potato hash – or opt for a salad, which you can get served in a wrap. Chop Shop also offers fruit-filled yogurt parfaits and juices.

The Berry Beet Juice Bar

The Berry Beet serves over 10 unique juices. Try flavors like Energizer, made from carrot, orange, lemon, ginger and cayenne. Or grab one of the Berry Beet’s many smoothies, such as Berry Big Muscles, a blend of blueberries, cherries, bananas, protein powder and almond milk.

Flower Child

This hip restaurant serves nutritious meals made from scratch. Grab a salad or bowl packed with veggies or go for a protein entree. Flower Child also serves wraps and many dishes are gluten-friendly, vegan or vegetarian. Consider adding kombucha to your order for an extra punch of flavor.


Serving acai bowls, Everbowl encourages people to eat foods that have been around forever. Choose a health-packed base and then load it with your favorite toppings. Or pick a pre-made option like Nut’n 2 It, which has acai, granola, peanut butter, banana, strawberries and coconut. Everbowl also serves superfood fusion coffee.