If you have a dog at home then you would understand how important it is to spend time with your dog. But considering our busy schedules it becomes difficult to spend enough time with them. Your dog might like to go out but he loves to spend maximum time with you when you are at home. Due to pandemics most of us are stuck at home and hence even fur buddies have also got an option to spend some more time with us. Your dog would never say no to the pampering let it be simply playtime, belly rubs, or playing with other games. Here are few ways through which you can keep your dog busy while you are working.

Tug of War

Generally, Tug of War requires you, two people, to pull the end to the back but when it comes to your dog, he can enjoy this alone even when you are busy with some other activities. You can get a bungee toy and attach it to the ceiling. If your dog loves to play games then this indoor game would be a fun activity for him. If your dog is small then this would be the best toy for him to pass the time. You can buy these Tug of War Bungee toys easily at online stores. If you search for dog toys online then you will get many options to choose from.

Hands-Free Fetch

Your dog would never get tired of fetching. You might have a habit of throwing a ball and then your dog gets it fetched. But this activity can exhaust them in a long run. Hence it becomes very crucial to find out the alternative for it. Here you can get an automatic ball launcher where you set up the device and your dog will run for hours without even your help. You do not even have to touch anything or lift a finger. You can choose the one that can be played indoors as well as outdoors.

Puzzle Games

Do you think puzzle games are only restricted to humans? There are various puzzle games available for dogs that you can get which will allow them to play in return with a treat. You can choose the one that dispenses the treat once the dog pushes the button or a lever. These puzzle games are available with multiple levels of difficulty. Once you train your dog on how to go for the puzzle, he would surely have something to spend the time for when you are working. But make sure to choose the puzzle games according to the size of your dog.

Snuffling for snacks

Snuffling is known to be the favorite activity of dogs and this can be the best method to pass their time. There are many toys available in the market that let the dog use its sense of smell. You can pick the snuffle mat which is considered the best option to let your pup use the nose to look for the treats. You can cut this mat and make the pieces into a fine strip. You can then put it into the rubber sink mat hole. After that, you can put the small pieces of treats in between the way to let your dog enjoy the treat.


Dogs get melted over the treats and hence this could be a great option to pass their time. If your dog does not like to engage in indoor activities, snuffling snacks, or any other puzzle games then you can certainly try indulging your dog with treats while you are working. All you have to do is to prepare a licking toy. You can pick his favorite top and coat it with peanut butter. Your dog will keep licking it for hours while you are busy with your tasks. You can also prepare it in advance and freeze it to last longer.