As the summer temperatures hit all across the country, it’s only natural to feel that urge to be more active and give a little more attention to your personal well-being. With that said, being active and getting in shape doesn’t mean you have to join a gym. Here we’ll take a look at five ways you can stay active this summer, boost your physical well-being, and burn some calories, all without having to hit the gym. It’s ideal for those who love to get a workout without it feeling like a workout.

Roller Derby

If you haven’t yet explored the sport of roller derby, now is the time to give it a closer look. Not only can this act as an intense workout for the whole body, but it is also extremely social and fun. Roller derby isn’t just a sport – it’s a whole scene complete with big personalities, costumes, and a competitive spirit. Just be sure if you’re going to give the sport a try, you will need specific skates for roller derby, so that you can perform to your peak level, and in a safe manner.


Of course, one of the more traditional summer activities out there is swimming, and this too can act as a wonderful workout. Whether you have your own pool, visit a community pool or the beach, swimming has all kinds of benefits. Some of the more noteworthy benefits include its ability to build muscle strength, build endurance, help you maintain a healthy weight or lose weight, it’s ideal for heart and lung health, and it is an excellent cardio activity.

What makes swimming so effective is the fact it is working your entire body at once.


Rather than opting for the stationary bike in your gym or home, why not get outdoors and do the real thing. Biking across various terrain will really push your body and give you that complete workout. You don’t always have to go “all-out” – sometimes, you may just want to enjoy a leisurely bike ride around the neighborhood with friends or family. It can also substitute for a car in the summer if you live close enough to shopping, amenities, and work.


Then we’ve got good old-fashioned walking. Sure, there is nothing glamorous about it, but walking is another excellent form of exercise. And there is no better time to walk than in summer when you can also get a healthy dose of vitamin D in the process. Just be sure to wear plenty of SPF sun protection while you’re out on your walks.

Outdoor Yoga

Now if you’re looking for a more calming way to stay fit, you may want to try outdoor yoga. As long as you have a flat surface to lay your yoga mat, you’ll be able to fit in a workout.

Get Fit without Feeling the Pressure of a Gym

Each of these amazing activities can be enjoyed throughout the summer and will help you to get fit and stay fit without ever stepping foot in a gym.